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I was you. For 30 years, my teeth just took care of themselves.

I didn't have time for a visit. I held sadistic dentists in slightly higher regard than #%&@#&+ attorneys.

I too had the pat but shameful comic response prepared for the one question I knew Clinical Coordinator, Alyssa, would ask - "When was your last dentist visit?" "Oh," I replied, "that was just last...uh....high school."

I'm 50.

How many more years will you rehearse your response? If I can drag my petrified butt in there, surely you can.

Look in the mirror. The diagnosis is not sadism but masochism. You are hurting yourself by not fixing what you know is wrong in your mouth.

Yes this is anecdotal...it's one man's opinion...unsolicited...unfortunately uncompensated...but none-the-less sincere. I too have seen family with the ancient repairs of gum disease, rotten teeth and more from years ago. The pros who stay current, like Dr. Owens, have a whole new approach.

It's like cyborg reconstruction. I can bite through entire airplane fuselages now. Well, almost.

So when you tire of seeing your gum blemish or testing another tooth for looseness, you know it's time to commit. Please believe me, a couple of days of discomfort can change your life.

After dragging your butt out of there, you will be so glad you did. In fact, if you experience the same transformation that I have and realize the value of my advice, keep in mind that I'm still receptive to compensation.


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I would never go anywhere else! Professional, personal and friendly!

5 stars

My baby girl, 9 years old, needed 4 teeth extracted, and Dr.Owens and his team took care of her beautifully. My daughter wasn't afraid because everyone made her, and me, feel extremely comfortable. She is healing great and never complained of any discomfort. If you ask my daughter what she thinks of Dr.Owens, she says, "He's SUPER COOL!", and that speaks for itself. THANKS EVERYONE!!!

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Had my teeth cleaned by one of the assistants. Great Job!!

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Great experience:)

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This is you folks who, like me, are faced with a referral to a periodontitis after years of dental neglect, maybe since high school. You'll walk in Owens Periodontics with the same discouragement, embarrassment and abject fear that kept my knees knocking all the way back to the "big chair". You will walk out with the opposite of those emotions. They won't sugar-coat your plight, but they won't belittle you for it either. Every staff member, from the front office to the assistant to the good Dr. himself are so great, it's hard to single one out. But I'll tell you in 3rd person what I told their benefits coordinator, Claudia, in 1st person when I was there - they couldn't have found a better combination of compassion, demeanor and talent for her position. She will help you find a way to get what you need done. In an astonishing reversal of expectations, I'm actually looking forward to my procedures now. I'll let you know how that goes.

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I have been afraid of dentists, much less perio's, so I didn't look forward to the procedure I knew I needed. The first thing they asked me to do was fill out the new patient paperwork. Lots of places have them where you have to print them from their website. The beauty of this office is that I could fill it in online and hit "submit". No printing and filling in and trying to remember the papers as I'm getting my kids and thier lunchboxes and homework off to school. When I walked in, everyone was extrememly nice. The building itself is very light and bright. It just feels good to be there.

I had a free consultation where my questions were answered. Dr. Owens took a look at my teeth, confirming my needs, and explained my options clearly. Everyone was very attentive, quick to listen, giving solid answers with a compassionate tone.

Next, I went to another room where a very kind and upbeat lady talked over my insurance with me. As long as my insurance follows through, it should be pretty painless there. I left there feeling like a person, not a case #. I have an unusually pronounced name. Everyone was very aware of calling me by my name and saying it correctly.

The day of the appointment was smooth and effortless. I had a blanket waiting and one of the girls there had her hand resting on my arm while I got over my silly claustophobia with the nitric oxide on my face. The procedure was over quickly and looked fantastic when I was brave enough to look at home.

The next day Dr. Owens called to check on me. (not his office, or a nurse, but HE called)

I really appreciate that it is their policy and procedure to treat people as people. With the trend towards less face to face communication, this place has customer service down pat.

I go back in a couple weeks to remove stitches, so we'll see how it goes, but I expect it will be a good experience.

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Dr Owen's and his staff were amazing!

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Dr. Owens and his staff are very courteous and professional. I was nervous about my procedure and they spent time calming and reassuring me. This was one of the best experiences I've had with a dentist office. My husband was thoroughly impressed with Dr. Owens and hopefully he never needs a periodontist but if he does, at least I know he will be in good hands.

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great staff very comforting great bedside manner,...... recovery was greatr