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What others had to say

1 stars

Dr. Romulus likes to perform procedures that aren't necessary on his patients. He has already driven away some of his employees and several former patients of Dr. Ward. He said I needed 4 filings and wanted to 'fix' a filing I had on my back tooth previously. After he did the work, all filings were leaking and I had to get a crown on my back tooth that he was suppose to 'fix' because too much of the tooth had been drilled away. My teeth weren't bothering me when I went in for my checkup but after his work, I haven't been able to eat any cold foods or hot foods in the last 3 months. I went to a new dentist for the crown because I refused to pay him for something that he caused. She also fixed two of his filings for free and will be fixing the third one next month. He is also extremely rude and condescending to his patients, as if it was somehow my fault that he screwed up every tooth he worked on. I had been going to Dr. Ward for 20 years and I'm deeply saddened that he is letting Dr. Romulus take over his business and drive off all of his patients.