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I was on my way to getting implants and the screw came out before the teeth were added. I got cold feet to continue the process. I have not finished that work yet. I want to finish it. what is the brand of screw you put in? Im gonna have someone else finish the work. not sure i trust to come back to you.

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I had to have my wisdom teeth taken out 2-3 years ago and I made an appointment one month in advance.

When the day of the appointment the lady from this dentist called around 7:30am and told me that they CANNOT pull out my bottom tooth. They couldn't call me in advance to reschedule my surgery??

I had made an appointment way before, NOT like a day before.

Her attitude was like "You can go to other dentist that can do that but it is more expensive, you still wanna do it?" She had a snobby tone of voice and DIDN'T APOLOGIZE AT ALL!!!!

This is Hawaii, but she didn't have any aloha spirit.

I took a few days off from work because I was expecting 3 of my wisdom teeth to be taken out.

I decided to take out 2 of my top wisdom teeth, because I wanted to take them out as soon as possible.

When I met the Doctor Komenaka he just said " Yeah, I can't do the one on the bottom." He didn't apologize either.

I will NEVER EVER GO BACK to this dentist and WILL NEVER reccomend to any of my friends and family.

Also, whenever I called, they sound like a robot with no emotion. I guess that is how they are trained.

I was too angry to say something to them at that time. How can they treat their patients like this?

We pay a lot of money.

I already told my coworkers and friends NOT to go there even though our office is very close to them. This is such a huge disappointment for me and I will keep telling everyone I talk to NOT to go to this dentist.

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Friendly Doctors and staff! Also convenient days and hours! I needed help ASAP one time; I fell while jogging, and chipped a couple of teeth, I called Ala Moana dental care and they were so accommodating . They were like "come on down, we'll see you when you get here" and they did good work! I am a satisfied customer! I continue to see them on a regular basis. I highly recommend them.

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Dr.Mandich was great !! I came in to get all 4 wisdoms out; he asked me every step of the way if I was okay. I hate coming to the dentist, but Dr.Mandich made my visit a smooth one. He explained each step of the process to me as he was going along. He didn't even make me feel bad about my teeth, and I loved that! This office really is great, I would totally recommend these services to my family and friends !!

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I was running late and they still accommodated me. Great and friendly staff. Highly recommend!

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Everyone was very nice, but they were super disorganized. They didn't read my insurance info in my chart correctly, which made it impossible to have my original dental emergency addressed. They knocked a loose filling out during my exam and I had to have that tooth repaired. The doctor didn't take his time with the numbing shot so I felt a lot of pain. I had to have 5 shots to get numb. I'm not sure if that's the dentist's fault, or just how it is, but I've never had that happen before.The girl who cleaned my teeth between the exam and the repair was told I had a missing filling that was causing me pain, but she forgot and put the polisher right on it. It was extremely painful.

They didn't call when they were supposed to or return any of my calls so I kept calling until I had all the info I needed. I appreciate the long hours, but feel like maybe the staff and doctors are too exhausted to be patient or take time for organizing.

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I am extremely happy with Ala Moana Dental Care. I like the professional care I received and I like the friendly staff. My smile is amazing! Mahalo Ala Moana Dental Care!!

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5 stars Customer since 2015

Everyone was wonderful, professional, very caring, glad I found you

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Awesome!!! I did the teeth whitening and it was marvelous!