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I have been going to Dr. Gashinsky for years even after a move to South Jersey in which I drive an hour and a half to the Holistic Dental Center for my appointments. Not only is Dr. Gashinsky the most kind hearted man but his integrity to his patients oral health and well being is second to none and all of his employees are equally as kind and diligent. One of the many things I love about Dr. Gashinsky in his honest approach to treating dental issues. Unlike past experiences I've had where other dental work seemed very invasive, Dr. Gashinsky instead takes his time to figure out what could be causing dental issues and pain and recently for me, it was something as simple as my bite being off. I entrusted Dr. Gashinsky to do veneers for my two front teeth and two eye teeth. I had been very nervous because I've noticed veneers on many people that did not seem to look like real teeth and now I love my smile! I've even received compliments from other people in the dental industry about how well done and real my veneers look. And my very favorite part about coming to the Holistic Dental Center is looking at my plague under the microscope!! That is my single inspiration for flossing everyday! Add to that the ionized water and non toxic material used and it just makes for an excellent, healthy, experience. I highly recommend Dr. Gashinsky and the Holistic Dental Center to everyone, especially families with children.

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I've been a patient at Holistic Dental Center for less than a year, but I already feel more comfortable there than I did at other dentists I saw for years. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, and it is evident that Dr. G's life passion is oral health.

I've completed the deep gum cleaning, and my mouth is in incalculably better condition that it was a few months ago. My gums hardly bleed when I floss now, which was a regular occurrence prior to the treatment. And the smell of bad bacteria has vanished. Furthermore, for about a year, I had an inexplicable accumulation of something in my throat that I could not seem to get rid of. It was becoming increasingly difficult to swallow, but that, too, has disappeared.

With these results, on top of the safe, fluoride-free environment and great people, I want to highly recommend Holistic Dental Center.

5 stars Verified customer

It is very difficult to find a good dentist. I am very glad to find Dr. G. who is the best dentist I have ever been to and very updated expert in holistic dental techniques. His staffs are always friendly yet professional. I highly recommend Holistic Dental Center for anybody who wants to have non-toxic dental care.

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I was not going to post a review, but since you sent me an email asking for a review here it is...

First of all your email addresses my son asking how his experience was, he is not yet 2 so obviously your email should address me his mother asking how his appointment went.

When I made the appointment I made it clear that we would be driving from 2 hours away and that we are traveling with my husband for business (we are from California). I also made it clear that my son had 1 possibly 2 cavities that needed fillings. I informed the woman I spoke with, that we had previously taken my son to a naturopathic dentist in the D.C. area and that I had to hold him and restrain him, a mouth spacer had to be used to keep his mouth open and he screamed and cried the whole time he had a cavity filled. I also explained that because we were traveling and coming from a distance I wanted to make sure that he would get the work done the same day. She made it seem like he would be able to get the work done as long as he could sit for them. I repeated that I had to physically restrain him the last time and that if I had to I would do so again because he needed his cavities fixed, they were causing him pain when getting his teeth brushed and I didn't want him to lose the tooth. She didn't respond in anyway that made it seem that this would not be ok and scheduled him for a 2:45pm appointment the next day.

My husband had to take a day off to take us to the appointment, we arrived early to turn in the new patient paperwork. I spoke with a woman before seeing a dentist, she tried to tell me that any iron supplement he had taken had caused stains and that is what I was seeing on his teeth and she had not even seen him yet. (He was still sleeping in the car and we were still early). I insisted that he had a cavity I could see and possibly 1 more and that I knew he had some stains on his upper teeth that the previous dentist said were caused by the way his teeth were formed when he was born.

When I actually brought my son in to see the dentist the she was very nice (the first woman was in this appointment as well) The dentist was fairly good with my son, she did what she thought would work to get him to relax and open up to her. She got a look at his teeth and told me he had a cavity that needed to be filled and that the stains didn't concern her (all of this I already knew). She let me know they would not be able to work on him because she could barely look in his mouth and that he would be too difficult to work on. She recommended taking him to a near by pediatric dentist where they could give him something or sedate him. Keep in mind the whole time he was very good. I didn't have to restrain him, only held him and talked to him and he didn't cry. They weren't willing to even try to do the work that he needed, because they didn't want to chance him crying and "disturbing" other patients. They said it could only be done at the beginning or end of a day but didn't suggest or mention that he could be worked on at the end of that day. It was just a no. They apologized for the inconvenience when I mentioned that I told the receptionist that we were traveling from far away and that my son had previously had difficulty at the dentist. I told them she should have told me that based on his history she didn't think he would be a good fit at this office unless he had an early or late appointment. Frustrated I said "ok let's go" to my son. The dentist did recommend a few things aconite tabs to relax him before an appointment and lugot's solution to prevent the cavity from advancing.

That was it we left, so no the experience overall was not very good. It was a huge waste of my family's time. Your receptionist should have either said my son sounded like he would not be a good fit for your office, or let me know that because of his past dental history he would need an early or late appointment to have any work done. Or the dentist we saw should have suggested we get some aconite tabs and come back at the end of the day to get the work done.

Very disappointed.

Mia Kilcoin

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What a great experience!!!! Omg!! Thank you Monica for such a painless cleaning and great X-ray technique. She was absolutely a joy! She has compassion, patience and she explained every step of the procedure to me. Absolutely awesome!!! Dr. G was very informative. Keisha was also a breathe of sunshine. Thank you Claudia & Melissa, for also taking your time out and working out my insurance issues. I have already referred my daughter and I'm gonna refer my mom as well. Never thought I would look forward to coming to my next appointment.


Janet Hudson

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First let me say I love what this dentist stands for. Treating the mouth as a whole with the body, holistic medicine , supplements, and a non traditional approach towards the mouth. I almost cancelled my first appointment because of bad reviews I read previously but I'm glad I didn't. The one thing I don't like is they can be pushy at times with services needed and can make you feel a little pressured. But other than that it's an important way of dentistry more dentists should follow.

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It's too early to write a review, I have ever more work to do with my mouth

I have temporary crowns.

I will review after 2017 year end..

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In depth and thorough dental procedures are performed by my hygienist, Christina, creating an excellent dental experience for me.

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I had a fractured tooth with an old amalgam and Dr Sawhney fixed both with a lot of TLC and patience. I wanted the amalgam removed holistically so I had done my research and found this practice. Next year i have two more to do and I will be back.