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took my car for an oil change. I drove my car next day and felt the strong vibration and loud noise coming from car engine. I inspected the vehicle's engine and found the air filter housing (box) was loose. The filter was not secured properly to its housing and the three hold down tabs (latches) were not evened latched to their clips. Further inspection, I found out the technician had broke one of the tabs and now the housing cannot be seal tight anymore! I brought the car on next day and discussed this problem with the general manager.He did the inspection and tried to secure the housing with the latches. Without being successfully securing and seal the housing, he did not acknowledge the broken latch problem. He indicated this is "normal wear and tear" and refuse to give any fix for the issue. Besides the fact he was not accommodating and not trying to understand customer problem, he was rude and very unsupportive. I know for a fact the latch was not broken when I had the oil changed last time. Tried to contact the owner and customer service and no response, stay away from Driver's Auto Repair or at least this location!!!

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They have always treated me with full respect and very good service. I have never been talked into any services they don't feel are necessary for my vehicle. I won't take my truck anywhere else!

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IT took a very long time just to get an oil change

5 stars Verified customer

excellent, as usual

5 stars Verified customer

Excellent service. Staff was very friendly and helpful.

5 stars Verified customer

Excellent job always reliable

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Came in for state inspection expected to wait 30 mins, but in and out in 20 mins. Great service. Thanks

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We came in yesterday for an oil change, tire rotation, and an alignment check. As the staff was doing their inspection they came across a supposed leak on an oil converter gasket (at a $350good or so charge). I called honda to double check my warranty. It was still covered so I declined the work and took it to a honda dealership for the repair. As it turns out, there wasn't a leak at all. From the last oil change (that I received from this same location) there was oil residue that has since dried and made it appear that the gasket was cracked. All they did was rinse and clean the cover and found no leak. As a customer of this facility since it was called spring city car care, I found it unprofessional that it was assumed to be leaking without more than a visual assessment. I used to trust and depend on you, but now i am not 100% confident.

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Performed oil change and tire rotation as requested on a timely basis.

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Routine oil change, been going here for over six years. Everything went well. Drove the car home about a mile, and put in the garage. Several days later we moved the car, and found a pool of oil where it was setting, and flowed towards the door, about a three foot long. Took it back, and they took it right in, and found that the drain plug was loose. It was corrected, and cleaned. Problems happen in business, but it's how you handle the problem to correct it, that makes the difference to the customer. Thanks again, will be back.