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Both my husband and I are seen by Dr. Dukes for our 6 month cleanings. He's very pleasant and always does an excellent job of examining and cleaning our teeth.

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Dr. Dukes's bedside manner, or should I say chairside manner is simply AWESOME!. This dentist really know how to put your mind to ease. Before the process began, I had the "white knuckle" thing going on...however when Dr. Dukes began to let me know what he was about to do, and what it should feel like, he quickly put my emotions at ease. I love his attentiveness.. he listens to the non-verbal clues and watches your gestures to determine if he needs to adjust. The BEST.

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Great. Love my Dentist. As A child I feared the Dentist. Not anymore. Office hours are sooooooo convenient.

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The Hygienist was friendly and informative. She was very efficient. I received recommendations for follow-up care,However,The pricing is very prohibitive . There is no help with financing the plan of care.and very little I formation offered on obtaining additional dental insurance.

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Very friendly.

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The staff are friendly, got me in quickly for cleaning, upfront with costs when additional work is needed. Hygienist staff are awesome!

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E. Elizabeth Hunter

On Wednesday 03/ 15/2017 at 9:50 a.m. I had a dental appointment at Drs. Batz & Weiner Family Dentistry at 8363 Cherry Lane, Laurel, Md. 20707. I arrived at 9:25 they took me to the back right away. The receptionist was nice and friendly. However; the back office was totally chaotic. All I could hear is a Dr. complaining and shouting out orders. I was taken to a computer where she informed me my x-rays from a prior visit was outdated and she needed to take more. I informed her I didn't think the x-rays would be covered under my insurance policy. She then took me to the back to speak with the patient insurance specialist. The insurance spec. reassured me all x-rays were covered under my plan. Also we discussed the total payment of the visit. I paid her a partial payment of $120.00. I was then instructed to go back to exam room D. I informed the tech. the x-rays was covered and she could proceed. The tech said, "No that O.kay, know" (1st Issue). I sat in the exam room for over 15 minutes when a person entered the room not identifying her self (2nd Issue) hands me a consent form. The consent form said anesthesia and extraction of teeth. We never discussed the extraction of the tooth (3rd Issue). We discussed bone graft after which she showed me a film. I did not know neither was I explained the seriousness of this visit. (4th Issue) I thought I was just coming in to have a tooth pulled. I had no idea I was going to need surgery. After I signed the consent form 15 min. later I hear a doctor calling for Ashley whispering. Then I heard him say, “Is room D set up- yet!” A Hispanic woman with long black hair entered the room started setting up a tray with different tools on it. She didn’t identify herself neither was there a name tag. She cut on an anesthesia machine threw it on my face and walked out of the room. Ten minute later a Dr. entered the room with no identification, no greeting and no explanation of what he was going to do. (5th Issue) He said open your mouth. He began chiseling at my tooth. At this point I am flinching not able to be still because I can feel what he was doing and the pain factor was at 5. I’m listening to him and the assistant’s conversation over me as if I am not present. (6th Issue) They were talking about an office matter that had occurred or was going to occur. FINALLY, he asked are you in pain.

I grunted- yes! He stopped, he and the assistant walked out of the room. (7th Issue) Three minutes later they return. He began chiseling at my tooth once more. I could hear the tooth breaking. At this point I could still feel what was going on and the pain level was at 3. I’m still flinching in the chair and they are still having conversation. I’m about to go under and HE pulls my mouth to him very aggressively. (8th Issue) I stand up out of the chair start grabbing my things and said, “Wait a minute- never mine”. He said while walking out the door and I quote: “Give her, her money back- she can go somewhere else”. (9th Issue) At this point I am under anesthesia, my mouth is numb from a shot and I’m wobbling to the back office to the insurance specialist to ask for a refund. When I arrived to the back my first question was “WHO WAS THAT DOCTOR” she responded Dr. Weiner. I informed her “He was rough as HELL!” He showed no concern- what so ever. While the insurance specialist prepared the paper work a white, fat woman entered the room. She stood there for a couple of minutes never introducing herself looked at me and left. I was given a prescription for Amoxicillin by the insurance specialist then directed out through a side door.

On Thursday, 3/16/2017 at 9:15am, I returned to the dental office and requested to speak to the Office Manager. The receptionist informed me there was no Office Manager only an Office Administrator. I spoke with her concerning the event. I informed her she was the same woman that came to the insurance specialist office and never said a word. I also asked for the names of those involved. She said she had no way of knowing and could not release that information to me. I filled out a release of information request form and received my medical records.

Horrible experience.......

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I had a very positive experience for my initial appointment. The doctor and staff were friendly, showed genuine concern, and were very accommodating.

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Thank you!

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