Sweta Tailor, DDS

5 stars Customer since 2014

It is always comfortable visiting Dr Tailor’s office. everyone is friendly and kind. I appreciate David’s knowledge of insurance and billing. He keeps the headaches away.

5 stars Customer since 2018

YA'LL are great, wouldn't have gotten this kind of info from any other dentist.

5 stars Verified customer

An excellent clean and quick visit as always for my 6-monthly cleaning.

4 stars Customer since 2018

Please continue with Delta Dental!

2 stars Verified customer

The hygienist was rough on my gums when cleaning my teeth. She poked them repeatedly and I was soar when I flossed that evening. That does not usually happen. Also, I have a receding gum line, so it seems we should be extra careful around the gum line during a cleaning.

5 stars Verified customer

I truly value the wonderful care from Dr. Sweta Tailor and her staff. I am always happy to recommend that friends see her for their dental care.

5 stars Customer since 2017

I liked the way the Dr. took into account my wishes while forming a game plan for my treatment.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Everyone - front desk, dental hygienists, both dentists - is nice and gentle there. I feel relaxed and cared for from the moment I park my car in the quiet, empty lot, to the moment I sit back in the driver’s seat and get check out my healthier teeth :)

I’m very glad they made it through the pandemic. All the precautions they’re still taking to this day made me feel safe, and extremely grateful that I do not have to wear 4 layers of masks+face shield to work every day.

I’m somehow always running late to the appointments, and end up not following through their night guard & flossing recommendations, but they never make me feel bad about it. Instead, everything is done to ease my shame and encourage me to develop healthier routines. Who knew dentistry could rhyme with compassion??

A friend of mine recommended Dr. Tailor’s office over 5 years ago, after I had gone through 4 or 5 other dentist offices in the larger Austin area and was either disappointed by the lack of cleanliness, the unfriendly service, or the shocking, unexpected bills. None of that here!

At Dr. Tailor’s, I’ve never felt pressured into getting procedures I don’t need. I even enjoy their occasional postcard in the mail, because they do not feel like a heartless marketing move. They just care. Heck, I’m coming to the realization now that this *is* the level of care I actually deserve! Yes they are exceptional, but I should not have to settle for less; I am allowed to expect/demand the same from my other health care providers...

Cleaning my teeth, making me feel safe, looking out for me, educating me, empowering me even... thank you for all you do!

5 stars Verified customer

I’ve had a lot of dental problems in the past and Dr. Tailor and her team have helped me turn that around. My sensitive teeth and gums require manual cleaning / scraping with a tool (as opposed to the strong ultrasonic thing) and the assistants are amazingly thorough with this! My teeth always feel so happy afterward.

5 stars Verified customer

Excellent covid-protection protocols. They were very professional and informative.