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On 9/25/17 I requested a tooth extraction..Dentist recommended a root canal/crown, for cost $825.00 total. I said alright I could afford that, I was then directed to the Speciality/Dentist (the office next door) not knowing there was additional co-pay and cost of 1,000 for the procedure and I explained to Dentist's it was not made clear to me the total cost apx. $1,800.(that I could not afford). I ended up paying 2 co-pays $10.+$70. on 9/25/17 and no service/procedure was provided! The staff then said they would call me. I spent $80. for nothing and left there up-set! As of today there has been no response from East Bay Dental..very dissapointed

1 stars Customer since 2017

I requested a tooth recommended root canal cap...ended up paying 2 co-pays priceing was not made clear to me! and ended up with No service for my appointment! $80.00 for nothing! Staff said they would call me but never have! I wish I could get my $80 back

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Just had my first visit; won't be my last. The entire staff were wonderful. The dentist was thorough and fast. He was kind, gentle and caring. The dental assistant was the most caring, kind and attentive I have ever experienced. The office staff were welcoming, knowledgeable and patiently answered my multitude of questions. I highly recommend East Bay Dental.

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I asked for a cleaning only (no exam) as I had had an exam just 3 months earlier. The cleaning was done but my insurance was charged for an office exam as well although an exam was NOT DONE. Since I only have two covered exams a year, I am now without another covered exam for the rest of the year even though my insurance pays for 2 more cleanings. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

5 stars Customer since 2016

I was delighted with the staff who were kind and professional. The office was clean and I only had to wait a few minutes before being taken in. At other Dentists I was never taken in on time and sometimes had to wait 30 minutes past my appointment time before being taken in and then it felt like they were rushing through the exam and cleaning.

Dr. Dalia Ammsso is fantastic and I highly recommend her.

5 stars Customer since 2015

Great service from the front desk to the dental care.

5 stars Customer since 2016

Everyone was very professional. The care provided seemed appropriate. I have never had a female dentist and to be honest it helped calm my nerves, I am usually very anxious when I go in for a dental appointment. The dentist was very kind and easy to talk with and she was knowledgeable.

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East Bay Dental is a great place to have all treatment for your teeth done. People are great & my dentist is perfect.

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Very Pleasant And Helpful ,Dr. Abdou Is The Best ! He Is The Reason I Choose To Transfer To East Bay Dental From My Previous Dentist .

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Seen quickly and treated professionally..

This was a routine checkup but the experience was surprisingly pleasant