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This company is not trustworthy and does not honor commitments.

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Corresponded with phone, office, phone, office...face to face...to redo a paint job that was insufficient. Even had someone come out to inspect job and was advised it was not done correctly and someone would be out within a few weeks to correct the poor paint job. That was over a year ago. This lack of keeping one's word is a poor way to do business. Complete lack of trust on this company.

1 stars Customer since 2014

Easy Living Construction is one of the worst Construction Company's I have ever had the misfortune to work with......The owner is a bold face liar, and his crew seem to follow suit with this direction.......Their work is sub standard, their schedule is done at the company's convenience, and not at all yours.......They constantly insist on payments before they are due them. The materials that they use are sub standard to what was agreed on.......They do not even follow their own contract rules.....You have to constantly watch everything they do, or they will most assuredly put something past you.......Example: I signed a contract on May 20th, 2014...The owner promised 3 to 4 weeks depending on the weather.....They received final payment on the October 11, 2014.....About 18 1/2 weeks......14 plus weeks over schedule ,,,,,

And I have yet to tell you the damage they caused to my home, driveway, front street, and my groomed yards.....especially the back yard were the work was done.......Easy Living Construction still owes me $4,058.02 in damages to my home from their people leaving my roof open for 4days....During that 4days we had a 3.88 in rain storm in the middle of the night....You all can imagine what that did to the interior of my home.......

ANYONE who would be foolish enough to use, or suggest to use such a reprehensible company as Easy Living Construction for anything is just asking for disaster and heart ache......Please be smarter than I was, and go find a reputable Company to do business with.

Easy Living Construction Company is not the one by any means.....

1 stars Customer since 2014

They came out, looked at my roof with binoculars, and they said "easy repair". They would email me a quote the next day. Two days later, I called to asked about the quote and to question why I never recieved it. I recieved an appology and the quote was sent the next day. Once I got the quote, I immediatly signed and gave 50% down. I was told someone would be out the next day. That never happened. I called again the next week and they said that they didn't remember saying that. I was again told that someone would come out the following week. Never heard back. Called to check on that, and was told that the inspector had came out and spoke with me and that he would have to revise the quote. That never happened. No inspector came out and certainly did not speak with me. I called again when I never saw the 2nd quote. Again, another appology, but never received the 2nd quote. I finally had to asked for refund, which was returned. Since, this time, the roof continued to leak and walls and ceiling was damaged causing me additional repairs. IF YOU NEED HELP, DO NOT DEPEND ON THIS COMPANY.

5 stars Customer since 2012

The staff is friendly and very helpful, they worked with my insurance and mortgage company, They double checked all aspects of everybody's work and even saw things that we didn't catch, they offered suggestions on the rebuild and gave truthful answers.

5 stars Customer since 2012

Nice work, on time, and on budget.

5 stars Customer since 2013

Very attentive, quick response to changes, ELC has done a great job in the building of our new home.

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Great people great service excel many work