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Always 5 star service, friendly staff, clean amenities and great treatments

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The outdoor facilities look worn out. The curtains are missing from the side structures over the couples lounge chairs, the cushions on the lounge chairs are stained or dirty and one of the drains is completely clogged causing stagnant water to pool in the pathway. There were food remnants, possibly pits or grapes in the shallow pool with suspended chairs.

The staff, although attentive, could have been attired better, also looking worn.

Two of the 3 WC were out of order and there was no air freshener or fan available in the only functioning WC, which stank. The cupcakes provided were stale and the refrigerated waters were tepid not cold.

Overall, the presentation of the facilities was marginal, not to par with the expectation of the branding associated with the luxury Eau hotels and spas. It seems corners are being cut to save a buck at the expense of the patron's experience. I am a local and have daily interaction with tourists and potential new FL residents and would not be able to praise or recommend the facilities to them or friends and family at this time.

The massages were excellent.


Doris Behrens

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Facility Is Freezing Cold. People are wet and Naked. The rooms are all freezing .

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The best massage leaves you with what I call a blissed out feeling.

I have had these experience in many places but mostly at Burke Williams in LA and the unparalleled upper East side massage clinic of Manhattan, NYC Russian bath and many other venues.

I purchased this massage because it was the most expensive and I imagined would be the best deep tissue available citywide

What I received was a milk toast middling massage if you can call it that from the hands of a slight man with small feminine hands and the result was as you would imagine.

I had asked for the strongest masseur in a fleet of 19 massage rooms and a full days notice.

I said nothing to the staff, still stunned, and left after paying what I thought was $400 including the tip but they overcharged me $14 to add insult to injury.

I have had terrible massage experiences but this is not the fault of the masseur only; it is probably owing to the person who answered the first phone call; the receptionist who told me that John would be my best bet for a powerful deep tissue.

Not only was John given another client in front of me but the masseur I received was late and washed his hands

AT LEAST THREE TIMES during my appointment and only that after giving me some sort of local honey sales pitch which I could not imagine ever happening at a Foiur Seasons level hotel I can only assume this aspires to be.

I wish there were a consumer record of how many times a person is asked to be contacted by management because this would be a first for me and the more that I think about it the more pissed off I get, which is bound to blossom anew once management begins their indefensible yet inevitable deflection campaign.

Big sigh.

I will withhold any rating until I hear their reply

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I had a nice tour and the employees very kind. I had a service with Heidi and the experience was truly unique! Loved starting out with an experience for all my senses. Heidi had wonderful information and made me feel incredibly relaxed and taken care of!

Thank you!

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The Eau spa was fabulous!! Everyone was so kind and attentive, best customer service! The whole spa area itself if gorgeous. I will definitely recommend to anyone that I can.

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Rachel did an outstanding job of helping me get a spa day for my Son and Daughter in Law. You have a problem however when it comes to paying for the treatment. I wanted a Garden of Eden couples massage and a $300 lunch afterwards. You cannot get a $1200 gift card that will cover the spa and a lunch;; you have to split it up. The hotel spa has a max of $500 which is ridiculous, so we had to get two gift cards which is also ridiculous. I am sure the type of clientele that visits the hotel and spa are accustomed to spending more than $500. And as far a splitting up the charges, that is an internal problem and should not be a problem for your customers. So I suggest you fix your problem and don't make it my problem.

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Desiree the massage therapist!

I found the spa better mange’s with assistance for lockers, robes and shoes. There was also fairy’s constantly around seeing if you needed anytging

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The front desk was very polite and Stubbs is first RAYE.

5 stars Verified customer

From check in to check out, customer service exceeded my expectations.

Every person I encountered greeted me warmly, checked to makes sure I had what I needed and always sought to make sure I was comfortable and was enjoying myself.

I have attended spas for over 10 years, at numerous resorts in Las Vegas, Sonoma Valley, east coast, over seas etc and this by far was the best spa experience I can recall with one of the most well designed space achieving both beauty and function.