East Carolina Veterinary Service

4 stars Verified customer

Very professional in regards to handling and taking care of my dog. But. The staff are either incompetent or just have lack of training and listening comprehension. I ASKED REPEATEDLY to put my name and number as the contact and they failed to do so several times. I called and they ASSURED me several times they changed the info in thier computer, and STILL. They failed to send the important information to the correct recipient. I give them a MAJOR FAILING GRADE on this and to top it off I called them gave them the correct info just before I had my dog chip implanted and they put the INCORRECT info on his CHIP ! This gives me very little faith in any of the staff there and thier abilities.

5 stars Customer since 2014

They are phenomenal. The entire staff are amazing and take care of us so much with our sweet lab Murphy. We drive from Kinston because we believe in their business and their attention to detail when taking care of our precious furry family member.

5 stars Customer since 2021

Love this place! Everyone is so helpful and friendly! I’d recommend East Carolina Veterinary Service to anyone!!

5 stars Verified customer

Great service, amazing staff and Doctors

5 stars Customer since 2021

I was very happy with the quality and care that ECVS gave to my pet Scotty.

5 stars Customer since 2001

15 week old puppy had a pleasant experience. Very little wait.

5 stars Customer since 2022

They took very good care of my babies. They handled them with love and were gentle.

5 stars Customer since 2022

The best ever thankypu

5 stars Verified customer

Great experience

5 stars Customer since 2023

Excellent first time experience. My dog, Rocky, usually is growly with the vet or groomer, at first. Then he calms down and allows touching. Today, I brought him In because his male anatomy was protruding, for far too long. The vet tech was excellent with Rocky, as was the vet. Rocky did NOT growl and he was not bothered when the vet was checking out his boy part, which told me that he got great vibes from them.

And, this was low cost, excellent service! I’m used to paying incredibly high costs to our previous vet, without realizing that I was being extremely over charged. It sure is nice to have found a wonderful vet to switch both dogs to, who also isn’t trying to empty my bank account!