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Got out quickly and did an amazing job cleaning up:)

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Installation delay due to weather. Otherwise, excellent service.

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Prompt, professional and thorough. Our leaking skylight fixed and subsequent shake roof service scheduled. Competitive pricing and top quality workmanship.

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I received a quote from E/R of $299 to Install a new 14ft. Gutter and a new 18ft. Downspout. When they performed the work the installed the New Gutter but, rather then installing a NEW DOWNSPOUT, the made the arbitrary decision to CONNECT it to the EXISTING DOWNSPOUT, without my approval. When they invoiced me they changed the wording about installing a New Downspout as in the "QUOTE", to "Connect to Existing Downspout". I tried, without any success to get them to honor their QUOTE. We eventually settled for $257. I would never have agreed to have them perform the work they did for $257 because that was NOT what I wanted done. I would never Hire them again.

Element Smart Roofing replied:

Hi Byron,

Thank you for taking the time to write this review. Looking back through our e-mail chain, there was nothing in them to signify that this was an issue. I'm trying to find out where the miscommunication lies, it seems that it is from our end since the estimate did have installing a new downspout in it.

I want to take a step back and clarify our position on the pricing. At the time of the job, we were booked out pretty far in advance, as most gutter companies were in October/November, so expediting a smaller job like this, took some jostling things around. We understood your need to get this gutter repaired and plugged it in within a week or so. The charges are pretty standard for a minimum price job (typically under 50') at 3 stories. Our standard minimum gutter installation is 250.00 plus tax. There were 3 elbows that were also installed. In addition to sales tax, the price was 290.18. This price was all inclusive since both the footage for the gutter and downspout were under the 50'.

Thinking back, I believe that the installer felt the downspout was in good shape and did not need to be replaced. So, that does jive with your "arbitrarily decided Not to install the downspout" comment. When we mentioned that before settling on the final adjusted amount due to not installing the downspout, we did not get any feedback or sense from you that this was a problem. We felt that the negotiated final price was the end and you were happy. Gutter got fixed, was no longer a danger of falling and the downspout was reconnected with new elbows in working order and we reduced the bill amount.

I certainly would have insisted on installing a new downspout if I had thought that this would be an issue, we actually do try to provide the best service to our customers as possible. I think that this was a disconnect in communication and we apologize for that.

I'll tell you what, If you want a new downspout, I can have someone go out and install one for you at no additional charge. If you absolutely do not want to work with us again, I completely understand, but I would like to make this offering to you since it was not your fault that the decision to not install the downspout was made.

Edit to add: I also want others to read this to be clear that this was a job where the customer was organizing and contracting us from another location, out of the area. Sometimes in these situations where communication is done through e-mails and phone calls only, communications can get mixed up or lost in transit. This is no excuse, but it does factor into things and should be taken into account when hiring contractors remotely.

Hope this response helps.

Best Regards,

Element Smart Roofing