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5 stars Customer since 2022

Sarah was wonderful - a great personality - knowledgeable and took care of my issue right away. I did, however, express to her my disappointment in Epiphany overall as you have been marketing your facials & skincare - months ago I both emailed AND called & left voice mails for someone to contact me to find out more about this service. No one ever did.- I was in the skincare industry for over 20 years as a top-level national manager - I knew what it took to get there. Not returning phone calls and emails about valuable services is leaving thousands of dollars outside your door. I did relay this to Sarah and she assured me it would be brought to the attention of those that needed to know. Other from that - (and the length of time to get in - a post-pandemic issue I understand) she was great!

5 stars Customer since 2017

Friendly and very helpful staff. Will answer any questions you may have to assist in your treatment . Highly recommend them .

5 stars Customer since 2021

I waited in the waiting room for a very short period of time. I loved both the medical assistant and the PA. They were both very kind and professional.

2 stars Customer since 2021

I was asked to strip and given a paper napkin for a 'total' exam. The PA when she finally arrived, introduced herself and stated she would be leaving for Colorado and had reportedly told 'them' not to schedule new patients, so next time I would see someone else. I could either wait until a new appointment could be scheduled or continue with this one. (Talk about my presence as being inconvenient for the PA!) Two Medical assistants also filed into the office, so we were 4 people in the exam room, which made it a crowd! I was told that a bumpy, itchy thing on my thigh was the same as flaky skin that peeling off my lower leg were the same thing, even though they were very different in appearance and 'itchiness.' A growth on my head and foot were also not a concern and a burr was frozen on my foot. The mole on my head had been biopsied twice before and was found to be 'ok.'I had to open the door to remind someone of the promised band-aid which was not done I was also very 'dry' and would need a mosturizer to go with the cortizone cream. and asked if I had used the Rx or anything else in the past. I scheduled a two-month followup.

I am a LPCC and continue to work in seeing clients for mental health issues and supervising younger counselors and social workers. I would grade such an introduction by the PA to be a failure.

2 stars Customer since 2021

Understand they were short staffed but was told first visit was just upperbody. I am in sun everyday over 9 months of the year so expected a full body check up especially on a first visit. Doctors assistant seemed to be unorganized with forgetting to get items needed for exam and having to go back and prepare another needle to numb area on back when she realized she was one short. Again understand office was understaffed. Dermatologist was very professional but topical medication for areas on head was never followed up with a perscription. I left a voicemail asking if it was going to be called in to Walgreens or if I needed to come back and pick up a perscription. As of now I have not heard back.

1 stars Customer since 2021

You keep sending emails to me and I have no idea who you are.

2 stars Customer since 2021

My appointment was 8:30. I was there and checked-in at 8:20. I finally saw the doctor at 9:45. Sorry, but waiting an hour and 15 minutes for a 10 minute doctor visit doesn't hack it.

1 stars Customer since 2021

I waited 4 months for a 2 minute visit with a nurse practitioner who told me it would be 11 more months before she or anyone else in the office could remove a pilar cyst from my head.

2 stars Verified customer

They are very professional, courteous, knowledgeable and respectful. I gave them 2 stars though because I waited 3 months to get an appointment and now I have to wait 10 months to get a follow up! I have to wait almost an entire year to deal with a skin condition. Meanwhile I'll be in pain for close to a whole year before my issue is resolved.

3 stars Verified customer

It wasn't very professional one of the employees was dressed in a jacket that said pink all over. I wish I would have been informed that I would need to undress so I could have dressed accordingly.

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Your kids will love our Albuquerque location. From our fun-filled waiting areas and treatment rooms to our welcoming staff, one visit is enough to see that we are no ordinary practice. Plus, what could be more convenient than dental, vision and orthodontic care all under one roof? Call today to schedule all your kids' check-ups in a single visit.
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