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4 stars Verified customer

I was checked in on time, but had to wait in the room about 30 minutes before I was seen.

I was wondering if I was forgotten and getting ready to go, as I had another meeting to attend.

Luckily, it all worked out.

5 stars Verified customer

DR Reohr has a presence that indicates she has a lot of experience and knowledge.

2 stars Customer since 2020

The communication is bare minimum. Within the last three months I have had three visits with no instructions or follow ups or information that will help progressed me into getting help I need. Only after I asked for lab request was one print it off for me and when I went to my primary care which it was supposed to be sent a month ago, they had not received any fortunately I had the print off in my hand that allowed me to have the labs done. As well as the third-party ipledge program that has been malfunctioning and delaying all processes.To say that I am displeased as an understatement.

1 stars Verified customer

$250 for a hands-off 10 minute consultation for information I could have received at the front desk or via a brochure is difficult to swallow. The first contact there leads me to reconsider further visits or treatments.

5 stars Customer since 2021

Very Professional, calls the next day to check up.

2 stars Customer since 2020

I have been a long time, mostly happy customer of Aspen Dermatology. I’ve had great experiences with Dr Taylor, Casey, Dr Krueger, Allison, and I adore Charlie at the front. She is always so friendly and great. I am hoping this review will be taken more as a suggestion for Aderm management.

Being a regular customer, I know a lot about the different lasers offered and what they target. I was in Dr Krueger’s office and we talked about me doing a spot IPL on a few sun spots, and I said I wanted to do a Fraxel on my chest to get rid of the lines as well. That is something Casey suggested to me in a previous appt. I called to book, and the receptionist said they don’t have the fraxel in GWS, so I scheduled it in Basalt. Someone called and said Erin Kelly wanted to do a consultation, so I said fine and booked it. They didn’t mention a $50 consult fee, otherwise I would have explained I already had a consult with both Dr Krueger and Casey. I figured it was because I didn’t know Erin yet, and that she wanted to see the area before the treatment to be sure. I met with Erin who seemed nice and knowledgeable and told her what I wanted to do. She said ok and I was charged $50. I asked if the $50 was applied to the service and the woman at the desk said no they just started charging a $50 flat fee for a consult. There shouldn’t be a $50 consult fee for a regular customer who already had two consults and referrals from internal Aspen Derm staff.

I was also told in GW that because I had a balance from a previous cosmetic week deposit, I would receive a discount. When I was in Basalt, they said it had to be a minimum of a $250 balance to receive the discount. I explained what was said in GW, and she said that was not correct. It was stressful, and I don’t like confrontation, but this happened along with the surprise consult fee so I was a bit taken aback. I said I would just cancel the appt and wait until the next cosmetic week, and then she said they would honor the discount.

My suggestion to management is to train staff on what the policies are, so everyone is on the same page and there is better consistency on what is communicated to the customer in all the offices. I’ve thought this for a long time. There are great people who work at Aderm, but there is a disconnect on the customer service and communication at the front.

1 stars Customer since 2021

This was my first visit with this Doctor. There will not be a second. She was in a terrible hurry. She not only did not listen to me, she missed what I wanted to ask her about on my chin, told me to move my hand, where I was pointing to it, and then froze a brown freckle not seeing the odd growth I was trying to point out. Additionally, she was gone before I could ask her to look at other crusty places on my scalp. She seemed only interested in brown spots, which was not why I came in to see a doctor. I'm betting she's a great money maker for the practice. In and out in less than 8 Minutes, freeze something, charge medicare, and you can see at least 6 patients in one hour. When my medicare bill comes to me, I'll know just how much money she can generate. I can only hope you have another doc I can see, or I'll have to find another office. What's happened to your practice?

5 stars Customer since 2021

great experience all around, all of your staff is wonderful

5 stars Customer since 2020

Erika was fantastic!

4 stars Customer since 2021

Very friendly and professional staff and doctor, but at $100.00/ minute, it's a little too costly for the average working person. 23 min. exam = $2300.00 invoice. In addition the prescription for a small tube of cream $329.00.