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While I had a lot of issues/ questions, I don't feel any of them were really answered, she had one foot out the door. I felt very rushed so couldn't fully explain the issues. She did say she would write down the stuff but didn't and is supposed to call in prescriptions for the issues addressed. I'm hopeful the prescriptions help but they haven't been filled yet.

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Dr. Reohr was distant and peremptory; her exam consisted of glance, and her diagnosis was instantaneous and superficial (her coming and leaving almost coincided). Aspen Dermatology, as was, has it all over this new franchise (and what does "epiphany" have to do with skin?). If you intend to visit, the best way will be to skip past the history to the name of a major medical insurance policy. Place is a money factory; and even that will be no guarantee of quality care (this added opinion originates with my sister and her son in law, who are both loaded).

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I went in for a skin check, and although the front desk staff were very nice, the rest of the experience felt quite impersonal. First, I was taken to the exam room by some sort of assistant (nurse perhaps), he was relatively personable asking a few more questions about concerns I had. He returned with the dermatologist, who had read his notes, and his role was to note down on the ipad each time she sprayed liquid nitrogen on damaged areas.

The dermatologist looked me over, pointed out all the spots with Actinic Keratosis, and sprayed them each with liquid nitrogen, while the assistant tapped on the ipad for each squirt. That was about it, and Yes, I was asked if I had any questions.

I will say it was and 'efficient' visit....But the whole experience with the dermatologist felt super impersonal. Really no effort to connect. I felt like I was purely there to be billed per nitrogen squirt, like I had dollar signs on me!

A bit more bedside manner, and effort to connect and gain my trust, would have been preferable. Perhaps the dermatologist could have taken a moment to explain why the assistant was there (counting squirts for billing), discuss how much each squirt was going to cost me, ask if I would prefer the treatment etc. Maybe even an explanation of what each squirt would feel like, and how long it would feel that way and the course of healing following the treatment. Because 24 hours later, I have some fairly substantial blisters and other treatment spots with no evidence of treatment.

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This was not a productive/good experience. I think the dr. was with me for 5 or fewer minutes for an over- all body skin exam. I have an area on my nose that I think could be cancerous (from sun exposure). She said it looked like eczema...which I do have on other areas of my body. The discoloration (redness) on my nose does not act like eczema which I have had since I was 2 years old and now 83.

Dr. Taylor (another doctor in the office) had already done two very successful surgeries for removal of cancerous spots on that side of my face. So, I am very concerned with the current diagnosis.

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Front desk could be more friendly one of them ladies is so rude!

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The best experience in years!!

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although the doctor was knowledgable and addressed my concerns, I really felt rushed out of there and like there was no time for my questions. In addition, no one was really available to help me with the skincare or help me understand what would work best.

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She is really sweet. The problem is the front desk people are rude and act as if their job is a chore instead of a Profession

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I had an appointment for IPL and instead a doctor was shown photos of my face which they called a consultation and they decided I would fair better with other treatments which I don’t want as I did really well with the previous IPL’s I’ve had. I left with no treatment what so ever even after I had concerns about a nickel sized spot on my face and minus $50. Unable to make an appointment for the recommended treatment until February so I will be canceling that as I left unhappy and taken advantage of.

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My apt was rushed and not friendly.. I was not given much consultation on an allergic reaction that had developed from a medication that Dr Reohr had prescibed.