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She is really sweet. The problem is the front desk people are rude and act as if their job is a chore instead of a Profession

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I had an appointment for IPL and instead a doctor was shown photos of my face which they called a consultation and they decided I would fair better with other treatments which I don’t want as I did really well with the previous IPL’s I’ve had. I left with no treatment what so ever even after I had concerns about a nickel sized spot on my face and minus $50. Unable to make an appointment for the recommended treatment until February so I will be canceling that as I left unhappy and taken advantage of.

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My apt was rushed and not friendly.. I was not given much consultation on an allergic reaction that had developed from a medication that Dr Reohr had prescibed.

2 stars Customer since 2020

I received a "Red Light" treatment for cancer prevention. The process was provided solely by technicians, and I did not see Dr. Roehr during the three hours I was there. First, a technician cleaned my face with alcohol and then acetone with cotton pads. While using the acetone, she came too close to my eye, and acetone leaked in. I asked her to please be careful not to get it in my eyes. She continued with no help to dab the spill from my eye. Then the "chemo" cream was applied and I was told to sit for two hours while it worked. The treatment room was freezing and I asked that the heat be turned up. Nothing. Then a different tech came in to check on me. I again asked for more heat. He said they had no control over the building's heat. I asked for a blanket and he retrieved one. Then it came time for the light treatment on my face. My eyes were covered and the extremely hot lamp was placed very close to my face for 10 minutes on each side. I was told it would feel very hot and was given a small fan to counteract the heat. The tech left, and in a couple of minutes, the fan quit working. When he came in to check on me and I told him such, he said he would get me another. After a couple of minutes, he came in and said he was having trouble finding another. Left again. Meanwhile, I'm cooking. He finally returned with another fan just as the first 10 minutes were up. The second 10 minutes came and went and no tech. He finally returned and sent me on my way. I left with my eye irritated and feeling this was a very unprofessional experience. I have no idea if what I received was administered correctly, and my confidence in this group is shattered. Sadly, I will look for a new doctor as a result of this experience.

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Rushed visit, not very friendly

2 stars Customer since 2020

Immediately after the appt ended I remembered a spot on my hip I wanted looked at. I was told they were too busy and I would need to make another appt in 4 weeks!

Poor customer service as it would have taken 1 minute max.

Dissappounted as I usually see another Dr. there who is no longer doing skin checks. My first experience with this Dr. and the front desk was not positive.

5 stars Customer since 2021

Listened to my concerns, reviewed my options of care, very patient & friendly. Very impressed w/quality of care.

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The staff was friendly ,prompt,knowledgeable ; and seemed concerned about my condition.

They followed through with a telephone call on the biopsy results {negative}, and treatment.

I will return to them for any future issues.

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I was checked in on time, but had to wait in the room about 30 minutes before I was seen.

I was wondering if I was forgotten and getting ready to go, as I had another meeting to attend.

Luckily, it all worked out.

5 stars Verified customer

DR Reohr has a presence that indicates she has a lot of experience and knowledge.