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I went in for a standard steroid shot to treat my keloid which I’d gotten many times before from my regular dermatologist. On this occasion I was seen by PA Rhoyse who although had treated me a couple of times before, didn’t know who I was or my past treatment history until I reminded her. When it was time to treat my keloid, she had a cryotherapy canister in her hand. When I asked her what it was for, she said it would make the injection more “efficacious.” I asked her if there would be scabbing she said no, simply that I could remove the bandaid once I got home and to massage the area. The treatment was painful, the keloid is as large as it was prior, and the top layer of skin sloughed off when I massaged it. Im still dealing with the pain and it’s an angry red color. I was not well informed about the new treatment, received no pain management plan and no aftercare plan. I will not be seeing Rhoyse again.

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Just ok. Would not return. I have had annual skin checks many times. This was very quick. Did not think very through. The PA and Assistant not friendly. No bedside manner. Cold tiny room

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Dr was not very nice

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The experience wasn’t great , Dr spent all of 5 minutes with me not sure it was a thorough exam basically just thanks for coming in. See ya next year ,The front desk couldn’t have been less friendly ..just here fill this out and pay us ,Maybe a smile would go a long way not everyone is having a bad day try harder

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I paid my copayment of $70, then was charged for an additional $150 for a procedure because it wasn't covered by insurance since it was considered cosmetic. I thought this was over priced considering what I had done was very minor and done by the MA at that ! I was left bruised in areas that should not have been left bruised. The actual provider was in the office to see me for a mere 5 min.

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Epiphany has very pleasant staff and I love Dr. Hynes! She is very thorough and makes me feel comfortable with the exam. She asks questions and takes time to listen.

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Provider David wasn’t self explanatory about a procedure for the first time for myself.

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The front staff did not acknowledge I was there when I stood there. Then we’re not joyful as they went through the motions of fill this out. And we arrived 20minutes early to fill out paperwork and then the appointment was 30 minutes late as 3 people that came in after us were seen before us by another provider.

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Showed a caring and concerned attitude was very encouraging, helped me with my problem, I was very satisfied with her work.

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I came in to have an epidermoid cyst removed. I was kept waiting 30 minutes and then told they would have to reschedule the procedure. I took off work for the appointment so I lost money. The doctor was very abrupt and acted like she couldn’t wait for me to leave!