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2 stars Customer since 2020

Claire was congenial and professional, as always. Unfortunately, we waited more than 30 minutes to be seen. Our appointment was at 2pm and we were not seen until 2:35, with no recognition or apology for the delay. I sat in a gown for 35 minutes, and was unable to even go out an ask about the delay, because I wasn’t dressed. This appointment was in the middle of my workday, and I would appreciate the courtesy of being alerted if your team is running that far behind.

3 stars Verified customer

Simple botox injection, which I get maybe once a year as a treat to myself. Claire is a very skilled at injections and does a nice job, so she would get a 5 but the wait time after arriving was 50 minutes. I consider this a treat for myself and the stress of knowing I had another appt at 10AM was excruciating for me. Appt time was 9:10, which should have left plenty of time.

1 stars Verified customer

I am very disappointed with my last visit. I felt that Dr. Blankenship wasn't open to listening to me and was dismissive of my concerns. During my visit with her, she felt borderline patronizing at times and that is no way to treat a patient - due to this, I will be taking my business elsewhere.

4 stars Verified customer

I usually have a pleasant experience in every visit. I find Dr. Blankenship professional, thorough and pleasant. This time the person who roomed me was too efficient and brusque. She would ask a question and before I could get out an answer or think on it she would ask another.

5 stars Customer since 2020

nice attitude and interaction; glad she intends to stick around Summit for a long time (many of my past docs have left after a year)

5 stars Customer since 2021

Dr. Blankenship, Dr. Kreger and the staff at the Frisco Office are friendly, professional, caring, and passionate about the people they care for. It is truly a pleasure to visit the office every time.

1 stars Customer since 2020

Not so good actually. I went to the office at 12.15pm on 22nd only to find the door locked. There were 3 people inside, all obviously heard my approach but chose to ignore me. Thinking that maybe there was a Covid In and Out door protocol, I tried the other door, but that too was locked. All the time the 3 people inside, whilst it was obvious that I needed something chose to ignore me. I searched in vain for some indication that would give me a clue about closure, but there was none. Eventually in frustration I knocked on the door and a very surly young lady sauntered over, opened it a crack and informed me they were closed from 12-1pm or something like that. I said I couldn't see a notice to that effect at which point she reluctantly asked me if I wanted product or an appointment. I said both. Product was accomplished, appointment couldn't be. That's not your problem, but the attitude is. BTW - even this website doesn't mention lunchtime closure.

1 stars Verified customer

She ran late and I paid $200 after a rushed appointment telling me I am a good candidate for CO2. If I'm paying that much, I need to feel cared for and pampered. Her bedside manner needs to be upgraded. I was also given a price of $8,000 for face, neck and chest CO2 procedure. You can get this for $2,500 in Denver.

4 stars Customer since 2020

Claire reassured me that the intense redness on my face due to the Perfect Peel would subside in a few days and prescribed me a hydrocortisone cream.

5 stars Verified customer

My recent procedure and visit with this doctor was top knotch. She is kind and patient and explains everything very well. I was nervous about my surgery but she and her assistant put me at ease and all went well.

She was also wonderful with my son who I brought in a few weeks ago for a biopsy. He had never had any procedure before and she put him at ease. He was also very impressed with the Happy Birthday message he received form the office staff. Over all this is a great office and all staff and friendly and professional.