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5 stars Customer since 2021

What a lovely physician. So kind and sweet, made me feel so welcome. I’m grateful to have her as my dermatologist.

2 stars Customer since 2018

I sat in the waiting area for 1 hour before being taken back to see the Doctor for 10 minutes. That is not an acceptable way to treat patients! This appears to be from Overbooking of appointments.

3 stars Customer since 2021

Waited in a jammed packed waiting room for 40 minutes past my appointment time before getting in to see the doctor. Not very covid safe and a bit frustrating!

5 stars Customer since 2021

The staff and service was great. The wait was a bit long.

5 stars Customer since 2021

Doctor Harina Vin has the blessing of god of the hand. she is very attentive and professional Irecommend this very talented doctor.

1 stars Verified customer

doctor was so rush didnot have time to communicate

5 stars Customer since 2018

I have seen Dr. Li for several years and most recently Dr. Vin. Both are extremely professional, knowledgeable, caring, and friendly - And willing to spend extra time with their patients if needed!

M. Maness

3 stars Verified customer

Though my care here is fine, every time I come here I wait an hour to see the doctor.

5 stars Verified customer

Very helpful and professional

1 stars Verified customer

Specialist has only basic knowledge of how to treat HS; my PCP knows more about my skin condition than this specialist does. My PC doctor was also baffled that the dermatologist said that Spironolactone “would not really do much for the hirsutism.” The specialist lacks creativity and innovative thinking, is pessimistic and misunderstands everything. I need a dermatologist who is realistic but optimistic, and understands my needs; also, someone who does what’s right for me. At this stage in these horrible skin conditions I have- Hidradenitis Suppurativa- there is a great deal of background that requires intuitive listening and more compassion than I think I was given. I feel strongly that I did not receive the care I am entitled to.

Because she didn’t “examine” my skin appropriately or accurately-which needs to be felt and pressed from certain different angles- I have now gotten a flare up next to the one she didn’t address with any treatment. I noticed it last night. Now, I have to go back to doctor to get an antibiotic that I should have gotten a prescription for the day of my appointment. I was also feeling some other discomfort and pinching last night which she claimed was “the landscaping of my skin changing permanently.” Those are actually lesions that are nascent- that is how they start out- on the right side in a vertical line. In any case, I expect the skin specialist to be more competent in treating my skin disease (which is the whole purpose), and though there’s “no cure,” not to focus mainly on that where it guides her thinking, assessment, judgment, and outlook, etc. I felt she paid no attention to all the extreme pain I go through and have already been through, because she didn’t understand due to lacking compassion. No one gets used to what I experience, it can never be the norm, it feels like a new extremely painful experience every time. And I don’t just go through HS and hirsutism, after this appointment I had another at 1:15 pm with my doctor, I was diagnosed/re-diagnosed with “severe chronic depressive episodes.” I have had depression my whole life since childhood; obviously it’s not from the skin conditions, I had it before. They made the depression worse.

She is lackluster, lacks commitment and engages in fixed/limited mindset. Needless to say, she does not have the qualities I seek in a dermatologist.

Thank you for providing the opportunity to express these issues.