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5 stars Customer since 2018

The staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Reader is an excellent doctor. She is attentive to my concerns. She is responsive and clear in her treatment plan which she wrote down and gave to me. I like that.

Bob Johnson

5 stars Customer since 2022

Courteous, patient and thorough.

2 stars Customer since 2018

I have been a patient of Epiphany and Cherry Creek Dermatology for a number of years. I am self pay and discussed with doctor on keeping costs more moderate, he had suggestions on abbreviating my treatment, and I was fine with that. At check out I was surprised to find out I am a new patient. I was told since I hadn't been in since 2018 that my office visit was double. I have been careful about exposure due to Covid and am not happy with the penalty.

5 stars Customer since 2021

Quick and thorough. Nice friendly staff.

2 stars Customer since 2021

I am not certain if I will be back to your office. I did not like this new Dr. I don't appreciate that you forced me to come in when I just needed a scrip to be filled. It was a bad experience.

1 stars Verified customer

No bedside manner. Don't go; you will get no help. Spent more time in waiting room then being examiner. Will never do back.

My concerns where ignored, the Dr. barely examined my skin (literally looked at it for 30 seconds only) and no meaningful solutions to remedy my symptoms were provided. Simply said "oh, you can try Rx strength hydrocortisone." I'm not sure if the Rx was ever called into the pharmacy as the pharmacy never called/texted me regarding the Rx.

1 stars Customer since 2022

Doctor literally spend 5 minutes talking to me when I was told I was to have a entire hour. He kept running towards the door and not really interested in anything or any of my concerns with my skin. Huge waste of time and waste of my lunch break.

1 stars Customer since 2021

Was incredibly unhelpful. Told me there were 50 reasons as to why my nail could be disconnecting from my nail bed and then did nothing to look further into any of them. Completely spiked my anxiety and provided no solutions.

3 stars Customer since 2022

There really was no discussion on could be causing the issue, the visit lasted 5 minutes and a cream was prescribed. Was looking for more. At least a mild curiosity.

1 stars Verified customer

Scam!!! I was charged for him to not treat me. Instead of recommendations he made excuses on why there was nothing that could help me. I got in with a different dermatologist and gave me a list of treatment options and he worked with me to determine the best ways to help.