86.3% would refer friends and family to us

2 stars Verified customer

The practitioners at this practice are excellent. However, some of the front desk staff are not helpful and sometimes downright rude. Hopefully, customer service will improve at the front.

5 stars Customer since 2019

Love my dermatology office. The staff is friendly and professional and cares about me as an individual. I would highly recommend them.

3 stars Verified customer

There wasn’t much time spent with me for various options available and educating me on the options that were given.

2 stars Customer since 2020

I love Brianne, but her office staff is mean and poor shamed me at the counter in the lobby. They are inflexible and mistrustful of the patients to take care of their bills. We were made to reschedule because I had forgotten my care credit card (in Fruita) and they refused to trust me to pay the copay 15 hours later.

5 stars Customer since 2020

i love this place, they are kind and happy

2 stars Customer since 2021

Rushed, would sum this up.

5 stars Verified customer

Awesome was my experience at Epiphany. My problem needed red light therapy. It was far less painful than I expected, a good friend had the same type of therapy at a different practice, and they did not explain the type of pre-cancer or the details of the PDT to her and she said it was quite painful. I am thrilled to pieces so far... Brianne and all the staff that I met were professional, informative and well "they were kind and caring" I was glad I was able to make an appointment so quickly, I imagine that will change as the practice grows. We have had to wait as long as 6 months for my wife to get in to see her dermatologist

4 stars Customer since 2021

Friendly office staff. Felt rushed, so much so that we were called back into the exam room because something requested by primary doctor was over looked. Glad the mistake was caught before leaving the building.

5 stars Customer since 2020

very good

5 stars Verified customer

Thorough, modern, better than someone blindly doing checklists, personable. Treats his co- workers like co-workers, not lackeys.