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3 stars Verified customer

She seemed very capable of getting the job done but not very personable and didn’t listen very well.

1 stars Customer since 2020

Wanted to see a Dr. saw a pa. I now find out you didn't have a Dr. on staff.

I and the VA should have been informed of that at the time of my visit.

I was not at all satisfied w/the pa I saw and feel misled.

2 stars Verified customer

The 5 minute visit was fine. The hour long wait to get into a room was not. If we had been an hour late to our appointment, we would have not been seen and probably charged a cancellation fee. We were early for paperwork and it is inexcusable to be sitting in a waiting room that long. There were no emergencies, etc - simply poor time management. Then our entire appointment was literally maybe 5 minutes for a mole check with a simple "Sorry for the delay, it's been crazy."

5 stars Customer since 2020

Very nice folks and very accomadating.

5 stars Verified customer

Absolutely nothing to complain about. Prompt, professional, friendly & knowledgeable. I left with answers.

5 stars Customer since 2020

I was treated with the utmost respect and the staff and doctor were all so nice and courteous.I felt very comfortable and felt the doctor cared about my health and well being.

4 stars Verified customer

I found the staff friendly.

Two concerns I had were:

1) not requiring patients to wear masks (one of whom I met at the door, on my way out).

2) the medical assistant told me that $100 of my original charge would be applied to the screening, but the office staff personnel was not aware of that, and said "they" would issue a refund, if she were wrong (seemingly indifferent, rather than confirming).

Of course (this being my first visit), it is too preliminary to determine the competence of the practice.

5 stars Verified customer

Very helpful!

4 stars Verified customer

Was prompt & decisive about procedure & very respectful conserning; COVID-19.

I, appreciate the care provided & will provide feedback to my primary care provider.

Thanks to all in Muskogee facilities for the care provided & professional behavior during, my time of visit.

Healing nicely & following instructions that were given to me via the office personnel.

Only, improvements I might suggest would be 30 minutes means that & it's understandable should doctor & assistants be tied up with an unforeseen situation arise; delaying another's in progress surgery?

Would, be nice that an individual within the office to update the patient being delayed that we apologize for such scenarios.

Please don't chance CHEAP stitching needles.

They're painful and a delay to the doctor closing the wound. LOL. NO JOKE OUCH...

Overall am thankful for all things, see you upon follow up.

Very respectfully,

Tom Ramsey Jr.

2 stars Verified customer

Needs to be more professional by looking at his notes before seeing a patient. I have had about 4 sessions with the guy for the same issue and he still doesn’t remember the exact issue relating to me. It would make the patient feel more comfortable if he looked at his notes beforehand or take better notes. Plus, this would showcase professionalism as a doctor moving forward.

Also in Tulsa


Michael Toole DDS Dentistry PLLC

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100% would refer friends and family to us


Specialty Vision Center - Dr. Phillip Cook

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I recently got new glasses with Transitions lenses. They work great but needed lenses without Transitions. They listened to my issues and helped me. I highly recommend Dr. Cook and Mandy!!
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