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I won a gift card here worth $150 dollars.

Got an appointment next day

Tech came, within 15 mins.

Her hands smelled like marijuana, she had soda and a snack next to her working table were all the things she needed to work on my lashes.

Didn't get introduced to my options until Checking Out.

By a cashier not the tech.

She was eating and munching at the same time doing my lashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing lash studio is better

Dont come here! UNSANITARY!

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She was very kind, and took her time on my lashes. I’ll definitely be coming back, they look beautiful!

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Such Friendly Staff always are very helpful!! Lashes always come out amazing!

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I had a great experience with Miss Chloe, however I am upset my lash extensions did not last two weeks. I followed instructions. Over all it was a very great experience.

Epique Lash Spa - River Oaks replied:

Hi There, we would love to make this right. Give us a call so that we can help get you some epique lashes.

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it took 2 and a half hours to complete! That's wayyyyyy too long. The right eye looks like it has more lashes than the left, even after the technician tried to fix it. Other than that, beautiful offi]ce and very nice staff and great customer service in the aspect of scheduling and sending reminders.

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Amazing service

5 stars Customer since 2018

They are very nice and very professional;

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Lashes fell off the first day. I had a family emergency and stayed in the hospital. Called on day 6 to say almost all my lashes were off and was told i would have to pay for a refill. That was supposed to be a full set worth $200.00. I should not have to pay $50 more for this. The girl who put my lashes on coukdn’t tell me the glue or brand of lashes she was using because she left hers at home and was borrowing someone else's lashes and glue. There was no will to resolve other than come in and likely pay $50 more. When I said that seemed unfair, i was told she would ask but not likely because I should have called sooner. Illness and death happen but a poor job and customer service should be in place especially when it is less than a week.

Epique Lash Spa - River Oaks replied:

Danielle, We are terribly sorry to hear about your family emergency. We aren't sure how this directly effected the longevity of your lashes but if you were crying and/or rubbing your eyes this can cause premature lash loss. Our correction period is more so a courtesy and not a policy, When you called on the sixth day and informed us of your issue, we still tried our best to help. Even offering 50% off the refill, we are sorry this wasn't enough. We will forward your review to our team to ensure we take a look at our products and our technique to make sure we better serve our future customers.

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Well, I was hoping for fuller lashes, I did bring in some lashes I used before to show Ashley what I was looking for. After the session, I was told to look at the results in a dark room. Lights were not even turned on except for the lamp used. How can I evaluate my results effectively? Toward the end of the visit, someone came to the room to check on Ashley’s progress. There were no other clients in the waiting area. Yes, I was a little late by maybe 5 min. And I called them but had to leave a msg. They called me back asking me to hurry because there was paperwork to fill out. And the parking is very bad. Bad. I used a groupon coupon and tipped generously, but not sure if I want to return.

Epique Lash Spa - River Oaks replied:

Hi DeCarla,

While we strive to give you the lashes you bring to us, the reality is that sometimes its just not possible, At Epique, we use individual extensions which we apply to each lash so if you do not already have a full lash line, the chances of you getting super thick lashes isn't possible unless you opt in for our classic or russian volume. As far as arriving late, we do have a strict no late policy. This is because we ask for you to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment (this allows you to fill out paperwork as well as have your consultation with your stylist) We typically do not take you even after the appointment time has started. We thank you for leaving gratuity for your stylist and do hope that you will give us another opportunity in the future.

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I cannot wait to go back to Epique lash this week for my appointment; I love it there!