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Eric, Marcus and Eurocar staff had my 911 Porsche for the better part of 2 months. Eric communicated all that needed to be done on my car. During the 2 months, they drove it daily to make sure it was performing properly and to identify any new issues, and there were some. Everything was corrected, and I received my car back yesterday in top notch condition. Never during its stay did I feel uneasy about it being away in the shop. As Marcus told me, they love these cars and love working on them. I received my car cleaned and detailed-ready to go. My 911 will go nowhere but Eurocar. Aired her out on the freeway this afternoon-thanks. Eurocar!

4 stars Verified customer

Had to make a few visits for them to finally track down the issue with my car. They were professional and persistent and managed to find the problem, and fix it. Frustrating time for me, the owner, but they managed to maintain their professionalism, and track down the ghost in the machine.

Great service overall, and lots of sweet rides to look at while waiting

3 stars Verified customer

My car was in a few times over a couple of months...started out being concerned that I was being strung along, and hesitated until now to post a review. They guys at The garage are very professional, and persistent in diagnosing what turned out to be a simple, problem, once found, which was not easy.

The service staff is great, and a shoutout to the guys doing the cleanup, and the management.

5 stars Verified customer

Marcus was excellent in describing what repairs my vehicle needed and provided timely updates. I will bring my vehicle back for continued service.

5 stars Verified customer

Great service and BMW expertise.

5 stars Verified customer

You guys are awesome...

5 stars Verified customer

service was excellent as usual

5 stars Verified customer

Always exceptional service! Enjoy your beautiful day and let true proffesionals take very top shelf care of you.

5 stars Verified customer

I've had three major pieces of work done for my 2011 Porsche Cayman S at Eurocar-Werk: 1) TPS Racing after-market turbo kit installation, 2) new transmission installation, and 3) full engine replacement. In all cases the shop's work is superb - I've never had any doubt that my car is in the hands of first-class experts. The staff and owner (Eric) are friendly and easy to communicate with. I'd absolutely recommend Eurocar-Werk to anyone in need of high-end car service.

The only thing I can note that's less than top drawer is that the work always seems to take a long time. On the engine replacement some things happened that were out of their control (Hurricane Harvey, and the first engine they procured had a defect and had to be rejected), but all three of my work items at Eurocar-Werk have taken a length of time that felt pretty long to me. And while you're waiting you don't really hear from them very much. They're always friendly if you call them, but a few times I had a bit of an "am I EVER going to hear anything about my car" feeling.

So, I recommend these guys highly, but just be prepared to call them if you want interim updates on the progress of your work.

5 stars Verified customer

Great Service - Best Porsche upgrade center in Houston!!!!

Also in Houston


Richard Rees, D.P.M., P.A.

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I actually saw Dr. Rivera due to Dr. Rees being out of the office. I found Dr. Rivera to be very knowledgeable with a great bedside manner. He was friendly, explained exactly what his diagnosis was for my symptoms, discussed treatment options, and then performed the agreed upon procedure flawlessly. He took his time with me and addressed all of my questions. He is a superb doctor! I would recommend Dr. Rees’ office to anyone looking for a podiatrist.
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