72.0% would refer friends and family to us

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Reasonable price. The job was done in a timely manner.

Good customer service.

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On behalf of my wife and I.... We have always had the greatest experience with your associates. They're always very courteous and welcoming. Don't treat us like friends not just customers, which is a Specialized Customer Service Trait not everyone portrays.

Thank you,

The Porters

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Excellent. Friendly. Timely. Very dependable. Will recommend this place to all my friends and acquaintances.

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Experienced people who know what their doing and who are willing to help you out.

5 stars Verified customer

Friendly and helpful. Good tires!

4 stars Customer since 2010

I was quite surprised, though, at the $332 I paid for the 4 tire studs & lug nuts that were replaced. :-o

1 stars Customer since 2017

Took my 2016 car in for 4 tire replacement and during the inspection the technician noted that I needed to replace my front brake pads. The total time for the repair was about 3 hours (2:05 to 5:00pm) where most of the time they were waiting on the brake pad parts which they did keep me informed. The reason for my poor rating is that the next morning, something is clearly wrong with my front brakes as I drove to La Mesa. Upon pressing the pedal, it takes more effort to stop and the car makes a vibrating / knocking sound with the brake pressure making the vehicle feel unsafe . (This is easily felt on the actual brake pedal as well). Luckily there was another Evan's Tire near where I needed to be on Sunday morning and I'm currently awaiting a diagnosis on what is wrong and why my brake pad replacement did not work as expected.

2 stars Verified customer

Typically when asked "How long?", I get a reasonably accurate estimate, but yesterday I was told 45 minutes. I thought that was a tad optimistic, but it was just an oil change and alignment check, and 45 minutes was not outside the realm of possibility. My car was already in one of the bays as I left for about a 40 minute walk. I returned from my walk, and saw my car being worked on; somewhat expected, so I started reading a book I brought. About 20 mintutes later (nearly an hour later after checking my vehicle in), I asked how much longer, and I'm told 45 minutes again... 2 hours after checking in my vehicle, I had to tell the desk guy, that my keys were behind him.

So, it take far longer than estimated. I was also not happy that I had to get the paper finished by breaking the desk guy away from his phone and telling him that I saw the mechanic bring my paper work and keys in.

Very disappointing

5 stars Verified customer

Awesome workers very helpful and kind I will use them from now on as I just moved to San Diego

3 stars Customer since 2017

Happy with service and price. I have 4 cars and looking for a place to service them on a regular basis. One thing I like about Oil Changer is if my car has an engine light on they tell me the code and issue for free. Yesterday I had my car brakes fixed with you guys and an engine light was on. The manager wanted to charge me $90 to tell me the code. It would have been nice if you guys read the code and put it on the service report. Doesn't take more than a minute to read the code and little things like that would have me take all 4 cars to get my oil change with you guys. Perhaps you guys prefer to focus more on tires and brakes which I understand that too.