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5 stars

...go there if you want a GREAT one.

It all started good with the new car. I really took care of it. Full Zaino four times a year. Always garaged. Hand washed weekly. Then the economy tanked and car care fell by the wayside.

FOUR YEARS LATER, with only one mid-winter wash since, I bring it to Brian. He looks. We talk. No promised made other than that he would do what he thought best and would follow my requests (Zaino, no dressings).

It's back! Beautiful! Even one of the two slight scratches is gone.

Brian won't say this, but he CAN work miracles.

5 stars Customer since 2011

I had previously used Brian's Exclusive Detail & Tint to have my new Jetta tinted immediately after I bought it. I was so impressed with the service I returned to have my car detailed, and then returned to have my girlfriend's car detailed. About a year later, in an attempt to save a couple dollars, I took my car to one of those mobile detail places that were advertising on Groupon. My car looked like it had been polished with an orbital sander. I knew who to take it to. Brian was able to repair the damage and returned my car to its original show-room shine. I was more than impressed. I am a firm believer that you most often get what you pay for in life and these guys are worth it. I am a customer for life.

5 stars Verified customer

I brought my car here about 2 years ago. There was all kinds of nastiness in the back seat because I have a child who gets car sick. There was spilled milk in the back so my car had a faint spoiled milk smell. I had taken my car to the car wash and they "cleaned" it but it still seemed dirty and it still smelled. I found Brian online and decided to give him a try. When I went to pick up my car I didn't even recognize it. The last time it was that clean was when I bought it and the smell was completely gone! He did an amazing job. Now, 2 kids later, I will always take my vehicles to Brian for detailing. The customer service is superb and they do amazing work!

5 stars Customer since 2012

Brian does amazing work. Not cheap, but you certainly can't argue with the quality. If you want the absolute best detail job in the area, he's the guy to use.