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4 stars Customer since 2013

What a surprisingly easy experience. My appointment was on time, staff was very friendly and I was happy with the service that I received. Will definitely go back.

2 stars Verified customer

I was not really impressed by front desk reception, did not look up for a while, and really did not seem to care about what was going on. The massage was scheduled for 3:30 and I did not get back until about 3:50, not very good time management, although the massage was great

5 stars Customer since 2012

Had a massage and facial, both were WONDERFUL ! Excellent staff and extremely knowledgeable.. I'm going back for Co2 laser treatment, and Zerona.. Can't wait...Call and schedule appt. for whatever is needed, you wont be disappointed ! Jean Holmes

4 stars Verified customer

My microdermabrasion facial was very well done by Sofia. She paid particular attention to making it a relaxing experience. She also gave informative suggestions with regard to other treatments available and future maintenance.

1 stars Verified customer

Hair stylist did a great job. The manager on the other hand was one of the rudest people I've ever encountered. Ive never been to a business that has acted so unprofessionally and rude. I will never go back.

4 stars Verified customer

I have enjoyed the cleanliness, professionalism and services with Sophya.

4 stars Customer since 2013

Eyebrow and lip wax; best results iI ever had. Love my eyes now,. She was sweet and fast. Will go to her from now on.

1 stars Customer since 2012

I received a gift certificate for my birthday from my husband for a massage, makeup application and Mani/pedi. I did the massage and the makeup application one day and the mani/pedi a couple weeks later. I had a bad first impression from the moment I called to set up the appointment. The man who answered had NO idea what gift certificate I was talking about and turns out he was the owner, we ended up getting it figured out and scheduled after explaining it several times and talking to someone else. I did my massage first which was a HUGE disappointment from the beginning...they were 1/2 behind and they did NOT change the sheets in between. When I crawled into the sheets they were all greasy and I could tell NOTHING was cleaned or changed, GROSS! The massage itself was ok and the lady was nice I guess but I couldn't get passed the lack of cleanliness. After having that done I had the makeup application done. The girl that did it was VERY nice and she didn't mind answering all my questions and giving me good tips and I loved ow the makeup turned out! This part was a pleasant surprise!

After having these 2 things done I go to pay (use my gift card) and they tell me I owe money, which was a surprise because I was still due to have a mani/pedi on there. The owner came out and was still willing to give me the deal which was written on the gift certificate but not without telling me that I shouldn't be getting all of the stuff and it was a "great" deal and someone screwed up! The part that frustrated me about this was shortly after that I received an email from the salon around mothers day offering the EXACT same deal. Seems like lack of knowledge from the front desk person as well as the owner.

Ok, so after all of that I go back to use the mani/pedi part of my gift certificate a couple weeks later. Again, VERY disappointing. Walking through the salon was very dirty, the nail stations were dirty and just poorly presented. There was very poor color selections and the chairs for the mani part are uncomfortable. The woman who did my nails seemed very nice but was also, sorry to say, poorly presented. She had a dirty stained shirt on that just looked gross she had nast coffee sitting at her station that had hair in it and just looked gross. She also seemed to be a bit strung out on something (maybe the coffee). After deciding on a color we started with the pedi. Everything went well until it came to removing my previous nail polish. She mentioned that it could have been cause I didn't use a base coat (my bad) but I never do and have never had anyone complain about it before. Then she starts to paint my toenails and she is having a really hard time. She said she thought it was because the polish was old and she didn't think we should use it on my nails, which I had intended on doing. Now going to the mani part...I think she spent so much time trying to get the polish to look good on my toes (which I did appreciate) that she ran out of time for my manicure. She was very flustard and rushed. She had an appointment in 15 minutes and was running extremley behind so she quickly got started. I decided on a french manicure since I couldn't have my nails the same color as my toes.....again with trouble removing my old nail polish. She asked me if I was ok with having some of the old polish left on there since she couldn't get it off and I of course said NO and told her I would do it myself so I did with no problems. she did some very poor filing of my nails, pushed my cuticles back (pretty rough, I might add) and quickly did the french manicure. No buffing, massage NOTHING! She also proceeded to tell me that was called in last minute to accommodate me for making a same day appointment...tried not to sound like she was complaining about it but using it as an excuse for being "off her game". She was not rude in her tone or anything, but she just should NOT have told me some of the things she did...not professional. My manicure chipped the day after I got it and it just didn't seem like a nice "spa" manicure.

Overall just poor! Poor cleanliness, poor customer service, poor color choices. Very disappointing. :(

1 stars Customer since 2013

All I had done was a haircut. It is horrible!!!!! I showed the girl how long to leave my hair so I could roll it, but she cut it to the nub. Now it will take 8 months for it to grow out. In the meantime, I need to buy a wig.

5 stars Verified customer

I appreciated the head massage with the shampoo. I also appreciated the stylist to listening to me with my concerns regarding my hair.