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The crew was very knowledgeable and did a great job on a new heating system installation. They have reasonable costs and I would definitely recommend them to others.

5 stars Customer since 2010

Miki was great.

5 stars Customer since 2013

I would recommend Fairfax Cooling & Heating Co. to a friend. I purchased a air conditioning and furnace system from them. I found them to be reasonably priced and very professional. I did shop around and do my research so I knew what I needed and how much to expect to pay.

5 stars Verified customer

Very professional in all aspects of dealings - from communication to estimates to post-installation clean up. Quality work at a very reasonable cost. Definitely will consider for future services.

5 stars Verified customer

I was very pleased with Fairfax Cooling and Heating. Hired them in August to replace both air conditioning and furnace when our air conditioning system died of old age. They gave us an estimate that couldn't be beat - the estimate even surprised the other companies who bid on the job. Installation went smoothly and as promised. Now, 6 months later and with temps in the single digits, we are enjoying a more efficient heating as well.

2 stars Customer since 2013

The owner was fabulous via e-mail. His reply time was swift, friendly, and decisive regarding service and price. Ultimately, the technician came out and gave a diagnosis that was different from the other 3 opinions I got from other companies and would not have been the right solution. Further, the owner and technician did not communicate about the price I was given through e-mail and the technician had a difficult time accepting that I was given a different price. Even after I showed the technician the e-mail reply, he proceeded to tell me how he personally was going to be paid by the owner, that what I was paying would not cover his cost to the owner, and seemed far more interested in how HE would ultimately be paid, as opposed to making sure that I was getting good service as a customer. It is never a good idea for a technician to discuss his personal arrangement with the owner, as this is not my concern. That was a real turn-off for me, as it indicated that there may be issues within the company between the owner and the technicians (or at least this one). It turns out, I had a leak in one of my lines (which was so bad that it could be viewed with the naked eye). This technician did not want to consider viewing my lines as this would require more money from me, and he felt so positive that all I needed was to wash my outside units. Another company's technician found the leak easily, and I was also able to see it myself. 2 other companies confirmed the leak. I gave my review a slightly positive rating because the owner has the potential to have a great company if he will spend more time teaching the technicians Customer Service "Do's and Dont's", and is willing to allow his technicians to go the extra mile to detect larger issues. Finding a leak is not hard if the technician is carrying the leak-finder with him. This would have only taken an extra twenty minutes. This technician's belief that he was right prevented him from considering other options.

3 stars Customer since 2013

I had a new AC/GAS Furnace installed. Had few issues day if intallation. They had a to drilla hole to run the new lines for freon from outside unit to inside. They did'nt measure correctly and dammage my FIOS line they did thier own repair but it hasn't work correct since. Iwill have to have FIOS come out and charge me to repair the line. Also they was suppose to come back cand patch holes they made. I had to take spray foam and patch the hole from outside to keep cold air out. We was wondring why our furnace room was so hot. Itwas losing air because they didn't properly tape the duct work which allow a majoy leak. I had to go buy the spewcial tape at lowes to fix. They still need to come out in the spring or first period of warm spell to verify freon levels are correct it was to cold at time of installation.

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Very good very fast. Guys were pros.

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great company to have servicing our home

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They are excellent service providers

Fairfax Cooling & Heating Co. replied:

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. It was our pleasure.