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These people are like part of your family. I don't feel as if I'm going to be ripped off when I see them coming! I trust them!

5 stars Customer since 2018

You did a great job

1 stars Customer since 2018

Terrible company to work with. It may be because we have a home warranty and so weren't paying them directly that they've treated us like a 2nd-class customer, but if they don't want that business, they shouldn't be a contractor for the home warranty company. (I just checked, and on Yelp it looks like everyone with an American Home Shield home warranty is treated this way. The customers who work with them without a warranty seem to have a much better experience. Why don't they just stick to that business model?)

Anyway, our AC went out in March, it's now June, and it's still not fixed, because during the first visit they forgot to replace a panel that would prevent the fan from freezing. They're finally bringing it out today.

There are too many stories about the comically bad customer service we've received to tell them all, but this morning's experience should give a sense of the thing. Earlier this week, they called to say they had the panel and would be out today between 8 am and noon to install it. Great! Then this morning at 7:35 am my husband's phone rang. We didn't reach it in time so got a voice mail:

"Hey Miss Corrigan, this is Amber with Family Heating & Air, just calling--we had some things come up this morning due to rain delay yesterday and today, we just had to move you to the afternoon today. I'm sorry for any inconvenience. If you could please call me back, 850-607-7478. Again, we had to just move your appointment to this afternoon between 12 and 5, and the technician will give you a call with a head's up when they're on their way. Thank you."

My husband was cranky, but I thought it reasonable--it *did* rain buckets yesterday. At 7:38, I called as instructed. A man answered. He said he was out in the field, not in the office, and they hadn't switched the phones over yet. I should wait about 10 minutes and call back. I told him we were happy to accept the afternoon appt and asked if it was necessary to call again. He said yes, because if we didn't speak to the office, they would probably give our appt to someone else.

Yikes! At 7:51, I called again. Again, I got the man. He said they still hadn't switched the phones over and he would try to reach the office and ask them to do so. I asked if he could pass along that we would gladly accept the afternoon appt. He said he would.

Great! However, my husband, still worried our appt might be given away, called again at 8:03. This time he reached Amber. He thought it would be a quick call--we want the afternoon appt, #thanksbye. Instead, Amber told him she hadn't called us and our appointment would be Monday. He summoned me. Amber reiterated that she hadn't called. Flummoxed, I told her we had a voice mail from her at 7:35; I could play it back if that would clarify things. She said yes, I left a *voice mail,* but didn't talk to anyone. I told you we needed to switch out the appointment because we had someone call out.

I should have let it go, but I was so baffled by her getting every detail of her own message wrong that I pressed. "You told us it was because of the weather. Again, I can play the message back if that helps." At this point, she both became combative and started crying. She summoned Ciara, the stuff of customer service legend on Yelp reviews. Ciara said she was the senior dispatcher and she'd never had someone make one of her dispatchers cry before. I said it was puzzling that every detail, including the most important one--the date of our rescheduled appt--had changed between 7:35 and 8:02, and reminded her we still had the voice mail saying our appt was rescheduled for this afternoon. She said she'd had a cancellation and our appt was back on for this morning.

Great! That's what I needed to know. Not so fast, said Ciara, I listened to you now you have to listen to me, and launched into a story about the weather and employees calling out. I said, I'm not your coworker or business partner, I don't need to know everything--I just need to know when our appt is. Ciara said I was very rude and she was disconnecting the call. But the good news is, the technician is here.

So, this is how you can expect to be treated by FH&A as an AHS customer. I said above I didn't know why they continue to be AHS's local contractor, but maybe I do. When they first came out in March, they tried to get us to buy a new system rather than repair our existing one. We said the warranty company wouldn't agree, but they said they had a way to take the money they got from AHS for the repair and put it toward the new system. We would still pay a lot out of pocket, but since we were paying a lot for coolant anyway (not covered by the warranty), we might as well put that money toward a new system. We said Nah, we'll just pay for the coolant and follow the home warranty script. I think they lost interest in us as a customer at that point. But, with any luck our system will finally be fully repaired today--almost 3 months to the day after we originally opened our AHS ticket.

(UPDATE: It won't be. Evidently they put in the wrong coil back in March. So, the saga continues.)

5 stars Customer since 2018

Matt was super nice and very professional. He diligently worked to solve our AC problems. We will definitely use you again.

5 stars Customer since 2018

The technician was personable and professional. He went above and beyond to correct our problems. He told us about the maintenance program you have.

5 stars Customer since 2018

the tech. was able to flush the clogged lines, and provided a solution for future cleanings. The home warranty company was able to give me quality company,(NOT TOTAL AIR CARE with a BBB of F and revoked certification) Family Heating is A+ certified with BBB; for a reason

1 stars Customer since 2018

Not happy with customers service at all. Don't return calls. Cut you off during a call. Took to long to get part.

5 stars Customer since 2018

Very professional.

2 stars Customer since 2018

Only emails sent out for notifications. Waited 2 weeks for a repair. They don't show up in the time frame they give you.

5 stars Customer since 2018

They fixed our heat pump & were very timely.

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