Family Vision Clinic

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Excellent care!

5 stars Customer since 2024

Excellent experience. Clinic staff was awesome!

2 stars Customer since 2021

Experience was meh. First visit talked with a person, they were helpful, but could finish the deal because they had to consult with the optometrist who was out that day. So came back two days later as they suggested.

That visit, I was able to buy two pairs of glasses but there were outstanding things that they needed me to work on. One, they were familiar with my insurance benefits, even tho they accepted the insurance, and asked me to call them to see how the reimbursement works ( instead of them doing the leg work). Second I need to contact at paul eye clinic to have them convert my prescription to a reading glass perscription (even tho I have never needed that before when buying from at paul eye clinic). So I called St. Paul eye and they left a voice message with me saying that any optometrist is able to convert my regular prescription to a computer prescription , and they sort of lagged when saying this. So I shared the message with FVC. Then FVC told me they won’t convert it due to legal reasons. So back to me doing more leg work for FVC.

I have also found that in the three times I’ve been there, the dr’s and optometrists are always out, on vacation, don’t work that day, or called and said they weren’t coming in. So basically none of the right people are there and they ask you to come back when it’s convenient for them.

And the desk staff just look bored and uninterested in helping. Place is so quiet they probably feel customers are interrupting them from surfing the net and playing on their devices.

I am finishing what I started here, but will not be back because they do not accomodate the customer, they ask the customer to do work for them, and optometrists are rarely in the building.

Family Vision Clinic replied:

I am very sorry for your experience, Chris. You are correct that I have been out of the office quite a bit due to illness. I have been unwell lately. And then took a, very rate, but planned vacation. I am aware of the issue with the computer Rx. We could have issued a Reading prescription from the Rx, but we cannot do a Computer Rx as that should be determined in the exam room as it is not the same number. We do not read at the same distance that our computer is at and that is part of the computer Rx. We do spend a significant amount of time on the phone or computer looking up everyone's health insurance benefits but in occasional cases the information the health insurance gives us looks incorrect and we want a verification as we do not want to have you paying for something you shouldn't or having to call you later to tell you that you owe due to insurance being incorrect. It's rare but we do not want to get it wrong if it sounds suspicious. You are also correct that the office is very slow when I am not in as we are not seeing patients for exams. I do apologize for your experience as that is not what we are about.

Dr Pam Rupnow

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Very informative, helpful, and no pressure friendly service.

Family Vision Clinic replied:

Thanks so much, Lynn. It was good to see you again.!

5 stars Customer since 2017

Great !

Family Vision Clinic replied:

Thank you so much, Adam!

5 stars Customer since 2021

Excellent service and Friendly staffs

Family Vision Clinic replied:

Thank you so much for your review. We appreciate it. We look forward to seeing you again.

5 stars Customer since 2021

We moved to Farmington so I started looking for a new vision clinic. I’ve previously been to Pearle Vision and just was not happy there. FVC has been amazing both times I’ve been there. Very nice clinic, good explanation of my vision, never pushy, and this time I was educated on things to do for my 6 month old. Visit them!

Family Vision Clinic replied:

Thanks so much for the kind words, Lindsey. It was a pleasure seeing you in the clinic. We look forward to seeing you in the future. Congrats, again, on your new baby, Z!

3 stars Verified customer

We have been customers of FVC for several years. I feel like the quality of the customer service has dropped off dramatically this year. It is difficult to call and talk to someone - most often you have to leave a message.I have left multiple messages that were not returned. It has been a bit frustrating.

Family Vision Clinic replied:

I am very sorry for giving you service that is below what are standards are supposed to be. It has been a very difficult time finding and keeping staff (as I'm sure any business owner will tell you right now) and that has certainly affected how the clinic has functioned recently. It is not how I want my clihic to run and I understand if that has frustrated you. We are working hard to fix this situation and how that you will give us another chance. Sincerely,

Dr Rupnow

5 stars Customer since 2014

from the circumstances I am with no glasses I was able to order a new pair with ease.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Dr. Rupnow always offers new technology and knowledge to help me utilize glasses and contacts in the best way for my lifestyle. I'm always presenting her with my unique challenges and always walk away smarter and excited for the new technology offered in glasses and contacts to improve how I see the world. Thank you!

Family Vision Clinic replied:

Thanks so much for the great feedback, Kim. Always a pleasure to see you!