96.7% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2007

Would not entrust the health of my babies to anyone else! Best vets from Alaska to Kentucky... Bar none!

4 stars Customer since 2012

I love the care that they give to my fur babies. I haven't had a bad experience yet and I continue to recommend them to all of my friends and family. I always hear the comment "They are more expensive." I will gladly pay the extra because they are always open so I never have an emergency fee. They work around my schedule so I don't have to take time off of work in order to have my pet seen. They call to check on the welfare of my babies after being seen for anything other than a basic exam. I'm proud to have the Far Country staff in charge of my animals health and well-being.

4 stars Customer since 2012

Due to my urgency about Dakota's condition (his penis would not retract on it's own) and my concern for possible blood flow being cut off, I may have been a more "needy" patient mommy than I needed to be. This resulted in my asking a couple of times at the counter, for someone to come out and look at him just to make me feel better.

I do, however, feel that I was kept 'up-to-date' with his condition/sedation/treatment while your team worked with him in the back room. It was one of my more stressful visits to the vet in quite a while.

Thanks very much! Tonya

5 stars Verified customer

The staff was caring and knowledgeable and I felt comfortable trusting them to care for my new puppy.

3 stars Customer since 2010

Waited another 45 minutes to be seen again, with an appointment. Emergencies come first, as they should. Suggestion; have two vets on during peak hours. One for emergencies and one for appointments. You amended our bill $15 per dog. I would rather you fix the problem than be compensated financially, but it was a nice that you offered.

We are going to take recommendations on another office and use FCAH for emergencies. I hope we can keep those to a minimum.

The vet was nice, and you keep things clean. Thank you,


Far Country Animal Hospital replied:

Thank you for your feedback! I apologize you had an extended wait with your scheduled appointment, and I appreciate your understanding that emergencies have to be seen first on occasions, depending on the severity of the emergency. Your suggestion is appreciated.

Currently we have two doctors working during our peak hours of emergencies. Unfortunately there are days in which we cannot plan for how busy we will be, as on Saturdays and Sundays we are the only emergency hospital open in the valley. Our management team takes a lot of time determining the best time to always have two doctors working; this is an ongoing project as it changes with the seasons, time of year, holidays, etc. I appreciate your concerns and we are actively focused on shortening the wait times on the days when we have an excessive number of emergencies.

5 stars Customer since 2010

I took my cat in and she was near death because her body attacked her liver, Far Country and Doc Taylor are SO wonderful with my cat and me! They took extremely good care of my pet and called me with updates on her as well as me calling them, a lot and they never had a bad attitude about me calling a lot and asking about my cat. The office staff is great, friendly, and knowledgable, my animals will always go to Far Country because of their level of care with the animals & their level of care with us humans! Believe me I have been to most of the other vets offices in the valley and Far Country beats them by a mile!!!!

1 stars Customer since 2013

I called to make an appointment for 8:30 pm. The receptionist made me an appointment at 8:00 pm. I arrived six minutes late after having had trouble finding the right turn.

When I finally got called into the exam room, it was close to 845PM. A vet tech came in and took all the vitals on my dog, including a temp., after asking all sorts of invasive questions that had no bearing on the health certificate I needed to ship my dog. They seemed to have more to do with you being able to market me to other providers! Why is it any of your business if my dog goes to doggy day care or the groomers? Or if I feed wet or dry? Or if it is an inside or outside dog? What type of treats (if any) I give my dog.

Then the vet finally came in, and repeated everything the vet tech had done except the taking of the temp. By the time I got out of there, it was nearly 9:30pm. Nearly $90 later, I am not happy with your service.

I posted about the experience on a Facebook dog page, and of the more than 50 comments made, a large number of respondents had negative things to say about their experience with your clinic. You might want to rethink your business approach.

Far Country Animal Hospital replied:

Thank you for your survey response! I apologize you feel you had a bad experience. The night you came in there were three urgent emergencies which needed to be tended to immediately, therefore our two doctors on duty were tending to the emergencies which caused a delay in your appointment. I apologize you were not well informed of this when you arrived.

Your comments about the ?invasive questions? which were asked during the appointment: let me explain this. Your appointment was for a health certificate for your dog, and by signing the health certificate, the veterinarian is stating that your dog appears to be in good health and appears to have no contagious diseases as of the date the health certificate was signed. Therefore, a thorough physical exam must be performed on your pet. When a pet is presented to Far Country Animal Hospital for a physical exam, we have a series of questions the technician asks the client, including getting information about your pet?s activity level, dietary habits, and how often your pet sees the groomers/daycare/boarding facilities. We ask these questions so we can understand your pet?s lifestyle to ensure your pet is up to date on all of the appropriate vaccinations and not exposed to contagious diseases which can be prevented with proper vaccinations.

I apologize that you have friends which have negative things to say about their experiences at Far Country. I encourage you to have your friends contact me and I would be happy to discuss their concerns with them. We focus heavily on customer service and strive to create pleasant experiences every time a patient is seen at Far Country.

5 stars Customer since 2008

I love Far Country, they value my pets and their health.

5 stars Verified customer

My visit with Far Country Animal Hospital was cordial. The Dr was very patient with my pet, who is really nervous around people. We were in and out like a cool breeze. All the people there are so nice.

4 stars Customer since 2013

I called at the last minute due to a slight emergency, not only did I get a very nice person on the phone both ladies at the front desk were courteous, polite and concerned about my dog.

The doctor that checked on my dog, was awesome!