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I was originally scheduled for a cleaning on Monday, Columbus Day. Unfortunately, a friend of mine passed away and his funeral service was determined on Thursday evening, set for Monday. Dr. Faught’s office is closed on Friday. I called first thing on Monday morning (before 8 o’clock) while on my way to the funeral to reschedule. I spoke with Sandy and told her my circumstance. Sandy replied by telling me that I should have called over the weekend and left a message so she could get someone from the waiting list. I asked if messages are answered over the weekend or first thing Monday, and she told me first thing Monday. I then asked what the difference was between my call now or her receiving a message now, and she scolded me for not leaving a message AGAIN, then while scolding brought up Columbus Day and realized that kids were out of school and she could easily fill the spot. She told rescheduled me, then closed by telling me a 3rd time to leave a message “if this happens again”. Sandy was completely insensitive given the reason I was rescheduling, and instead of employing tact, making a note, and having that conversation when I came in a few days later, she shamed me on the way to a funeral.

When I received my cleaning on my rescheduled day, Becky did great. Dr. Caught was aggressive with the small mirror when he checked her work, jabbing my gums and twisting several times. Becky’s cleaning had me the most exposed to discomfort, but she navigated expertly and left me pain free while doing a great job. Prior to the cleaning, they had taken one extra x-ray of a tooth “just to be sure” that I didn’t request. It revealed nothing that the other x-rays didn’t, and I went to check out and pay.

Sandy checked me out, and while she was looking up my bill I asked if my payment today would increase based on the superfluous x-ray taken at the behest of the Staff, not me. Sandy became annoyed, and said that she would have to back out of the billing, zero out my cost, and re-average everything to see if it did or not. I hadn’t asked something unreasonable, I was the only patient up there, and the phones weren’t ringing. I don’t know why Sandy took my question as an afront, but it was now the second time in a week that she was rude to me without cause.

A business is the sum of its parts. While I had a great cleaning and Dr. Faught was only a little aggressive when he’s usually not, I’m considering changing providers based on Sandy alone. If you are considering Faught Family Dentistry, I encourage you to call for an appointment and decide based on that. If you have an unpleasant experience with Sandy, unfortunately it will not likely be an isolated incident. If everything goes well and I happened to catch her on her two rude and unprofessional moments during the week, sign up because the dental services themselves are good.

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I'm sorry for your loss and also sorry for your bad experience here. All I can say is that we'll continue to try to improve in all aspects of our patient's experience and hope that you will give us another chance. Sincerely, Darrell D. Faught, D.D.S.

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Dr. Faught, and his associates are excellent, real professionals in Dentistry. Their technical expertise comes from years of experince. The entire staff are great folks, ready to help when you need it.

Thanks Dr. Faught, Susan, Karen, and everyone for the years of great dental care!


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The staff were incredibly nice and professional.

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Very good job everyone. Great service as always.

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Very professional makes me feel comfortable and all employees are extremely friendly and cheerful as is Dr. Faught.

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Thanks Jeff

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Great Place

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positive experience. thorough, friendly, discuss options in dental self care, and prevention. Highly recommend.

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Dr. Faught and his team are awesome!

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The staff is very professional and yet very approachable. They do excellent dental work and explain each step in understandable detail. I really appreciate their level of caring.