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4 stars Customer since 2018

I have not been to a dentist in some time. The staff here are non judgmental and very caring. Dr. O'Neil was very nice and informative. I was certain I would need dentures, but she explained everything to me and informed me that we could work with what was there.

They are open late , so it works with my schedule (9-5). They really do want to help people and they want you to be able to get to the dentist with out having to take a day off of work.

I will DEFINITELY recommend this office, and Dr. O'Neil in particular.

5 stars Customer since 2016

The staff are so knowledgeable and very nice. Our whole family goes their and my 5 yr old son loves getting his teeth cleaned. They are on time with their appointments which is a plus.

5 stars Customer since 2018

I felt very at ease with the staff and welcomed on my first visit. It was unlike any dentist I have ever visited! I am happy to consider myself a client with them.

5 stars Customer since 2017

The staff is very professional and friendly.

5 stars Verified customer

Very excellent care!

5 stars Customer since 2017

Friendly, skilled staff.

5 stars Customer since 1998

I met a new hygienist (for me) and she was as thorough and pleasant as Kelly.

5 stars Verified customer

I am always treated well. Staff is professional, yet caring.

5 stars Customer since 2002

As always, excellent care and very personable

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Aidan James Salon

5 stars 1225 reviews

Stephanie did an amazing job with my color!!!!
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Innovations The Salon & Spa

5 stars 2502 reviews

I'm not a salon-regular kind of gal and usually dye my own hair, so visits like this are a treat. No kids for the afternoon, plenty of time to relax, and a gift card. What could be better, right? Please know that I've visited this place several times before and always had a good experience, so this time was just odd. I was greeted immediately upon entry and escorted to my appointment right way. I was supposed to have a color consult and full color, but not a cut/trim. I was told two weeks before when booking that there was no time available for both. This was fine, but I assumed it was because the consult - which was highly recommended on the phone- would take a little while before a full color. I'd just book a trim later, no biggie. The consult was all of two minutes. I sat in a chair and was shown three swatches and asked which I wanted. The lighting made everything look slightly purple, so I asked for more samples. I blame my own eyes, but really nothing looked quite right - everything had a greyish hue. My stylist was very nice and obliged, but I wasn't feeling like this was the level of consult the receptionist made seem like a must-have. There was no close look at my hair, no brushing or combing it for sectioning before setting to work. I was also very specific when booking and with the colorist that I did not want my silver-gray chunk to be colored. There was no look for a color-to-grey line, she just grabbed a clip and twirled up a chunk of hair and that was that. Once she got going, she was in the Zone - and so were my ears. They got brushed, too. The color was quickly brushed in close on top and flipped ONTO the grey, causing what is still a nice stripe of brown through the area. Definitely not the look I am going for. (more on that later.) She apologized and tried wiping it with a dry cloth, saying it wouldn't make a difference, but perhaps she didn't know I wasn't getting any more services that day. She kindly asked me if I wanted the color pulled through my hair, and I was confused because this was supposed to be a full color, minus the one spot. Maybe I wasn't specific enough when making the appointment? None of this was feeling quite right. The color lounge was lovely and empty, so I used the Ponds makeup wipes in my purse to clean my ears. Now to rinse! My nice lady was vigorous in rubbing my head and forehead down to my eyebrows and dye/lather got into in my eyes. A towel was offered and figured I'd give myself an eye rinse later when I could remove the rest of my makeup. Also, there seemed to be temperature issues (either very hot or very cold) at the rinse area - not her fault, but this should be checked out by management. I was sensing that she was now in a rush to leave. I was led to a chair to be blow-dried. At this point, a younger girl came by to tell my lady that "X's timer went off and should be ready." But I'm X! And I've already been lathered and rinsed. Now I'm worried that I didn't process for the full time. I've done my own hair at home for enough years to know that timing is important for oxidization. She finished partial drying me and asked if that was okay. I agreed because I never fully blowdry at home and because my scalp started feeling warm. I asked her to remove the dye around my temples and forehead, but it wasn't really coming off. I was pronounced done and she led me around the corner but disappeared. If she was there when I returned to the front desk to settle up, I didn't see her. However, she was in her car leaving the parking lot before I even got to my car. It was at this point my scalp started itching and I knew I needed to wash my face. A bit stressed, I called a different, nearby salon and asked if they had a moment, explaining the itching and now tingling eyebrows. I was fit in immediately and they rinsed my scalp, removed the line of dye from around my hairline and ears, used a clarifier to remove excess dye, dabbed a bit of color lifter on the gray, and gave me a trim. In the future I will know to never book a salon appointment anywhere on a long weekend and that a dye job is best done at home to avoid excess stress or the use of a gift card.
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