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Fantastic job. My teeth look great!!!

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smooth efficient,friendly.eveything was fine.

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Friendly and efficient staff!

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Great experience. Extremely professional but yet caring. Very little waiting. I feel I have received excellent care.

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I'd give 5 stars if the waiting room wasn't perfumed

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Great experience with Keri cleaning my teeth!

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The doctor & technician were very accommodating and experience was as pleasant as a root canal can be.

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Felisha was awesome as usual!!!

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I am usually very happy with my experience here, but my most recent appointment left a bad taste in my mouth. I arrived early for my appointment, and around 7:30am every hygienist promptly came out to greet their patient and take them back. I was not greeted until 7:40. 10 minutes late isn't a huge deal, but if you book an early appointment chances are you are trying to get to work somewhat on time. What got me was there wasn't even an apology for being late. You sort of expect someone to say "sorry to keep you waiting" or something of the like. Later I was asked for the flavor of fluoride I wanted, and luckily I questioned this before accepting it because the last time I was in the hygienist explained to me that they offered this new varnish which would not be covered by insurance so it would cost upwards of $45. It isn't okay to assume I want to spend money, you should ask like the girl did 6 months ago and fully explain. At the end of my appointment I mentioned that the cement on my permanent retainer felt cracked and it was smooth when I came in that day. She looked and said it looked like the wire was covered but she would have Dr. Smith look at it. Dr. Smith confirmed that it was cracked and offered to fix it. Again, no one ever said "sorry". They kept acting like they were doing me some favor fixing it in the moment and "saving me a trip back". When they put the fix into the computer at no charge the, now second hygienist stated "that was nice of you" to Dr. Smith..... again like they were doing me a favor! No one ever apologized for the inconvenience or anything. Having to get new cement put on wasn't the end of the world, and I am grateful that they were able to fix it but the customer service was just annoying. I arrived at work 30 minutes later than I had planned for that day, and the whole experience just set a bad tone. A little courtesy and an "I'm sorry" when mistakes are made is all it would have taken. I would still recommend Family Dental Care of Milford because I think they are great! This was just a bad day for them.

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Very detailed description of Dental Terms/Conditions & timely service.