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I have asked repeatedly to get on the list to receive the Synergy Specials, on the phone and in person. I finally found out that those "only go to a certain demographic." This was said by a blonde headed woman at the counter as I checked out after a facial. She said she would go into my account and add me, would call me later that day to confirm I was added but that never happened. And I know another special was sent out which I did not receive. So I guess I am not really wanted at Synergy.

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Christine is wonderful! She takes the time to discuss options, she does a great job and is very kind!

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This was my 2nd time going for botox here. I've gotten it done at another provider in Southern Pines. I'm aware of the range of cost that I've paid, which has been between $250 - $350 max. This was the first time that the cost was so high. The total cost was $531.

I usually just get botox injected to smooth some forehead lines and a lift, which smooths everything out. This was the first time that I've ever had botox injected into the sides of my eyes. I won't be doing that again as I just want to focus on my forehead and a lift.

I prefer what the previous injector did when she focused on the lift and she smoothed the lines. I'm not sure what to expect this time around, because again I've never had the sides of my eyes injected.

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This was my second time going for botox. My first experience was good and the results lasts a long time. Typically, I'd go every four months and I'd been going to a different provider. I was due for another round of botox in April, but the pandemic hit. I didn't feel comfortable going until this month (August).

This was my first time with Grupreet. She was attentive and explained everything. My only concern was this was the most I've ever spent on botox. My cost usually ranges around $260 - $350, but this time my cost was $530! It was a lot.

I know I've gone a lot of time in between, but I didn't know that it'd been that much and this is the first time that I had botox injected into the sides of my eyes. Typically, I just get a lift and it's sufficient at opening everything up and smoothing everything out.

The next time I'd like to know the price upfront, so that I'm not shocked when it's time to pay, because I definitely was not expecting such a high cost for botox.

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Emily is awesome! She is down to earth and knows her job! Can’t wait to go back!

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Becca and the staff at Synergy are amazing! You feel very safe and help you with whatever you need.

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Facial was awesome! Loved talking to the lady who did it. Definitely want to go again!

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Cameron was amazing and everyone always is helpful and kind!

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My last visit for many months, and I shall miss it!

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I recently got my first facial ay Synergy and left fairly disappointed. The lady who did my facial constantly tried to push products on me and she tried to talk me into three other services for the majority of the appointment. Afterwards, my skin looked hardly different then a few days later looked worse! I have been getting facials monthly for awhile now and wanted to try somewhere new and was sad at the outcome.