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The woman who administered my teeth cleaning did not tell me not to touch the red bleach or else it wold burn my skin. As a result, my lip got burned while I was dabbing my mouth while the treatment was setting. Please make sure everyone gives this important information.

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Tiffany Paiva was so nice, made me feel extremely comfortable and was easy to talk to. She let me know what to expect with each step of the visit. Great job!

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She is awesome

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I do not have any confidence in Dr Lopez's ability with Invisalign. He does not seem to have the experience. The first time I saw him, he didn't look at my Insialign prescription and barely looked at my teeth, or asked how everything was feeling. He just started filing away because that was what was scheduled.

I had another cleaning appt the same day with Dr Paiva. She actually did some testing on my jaw and had me bite quickly. She said my back molars were not touching (something Dr Lopez should have checked). She recommend I stay with my trays for the time being (3wks, I'd come bk). Well, I started having lots of pressure in the front teeth area and food was getting stuck, so I went ahead and booked ahead of my scheduled time. I specifically asked to have my appt with Dr Paiva. They said that who I was scheduled with. However, when I got there, Dr Lopez saw me again. Dr Paiva was not there. I told him the issue and if the last 3 trays will shift my teeth so that my back molars will touch. He was just as rushed and didn't look at my prescription. He just said we'll take impressions and the computer with Invisalign will line things up. They didn't bother to take out my attachments and the hygienist said they'll write in to use the existing aligners? I'm very hesitant to move forward at the moment. I do not have confidence Dr Lopez will be able to help with my issue. If this is the direction Floss is heading, I will likely leave.

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I was getting Invisalign for the first time today and the hygienist burned me on the corner of my mouth when she was fixing adhesives to my teeth. I was very upset since she tried to deny it and suggested that I already had the burns before she started working on my teeth. Not acceptable.

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I had a very good experience! The staff were friendly and professional. One suggestion: I don't have cable, so when asked what tv channel I wanted to watch I totally drew a blank-maybe you could have a laminated sheet of paper in the lobby with the channels you offer, so patients can decide what they want to watch while they wait!

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I was getting impressions done for Invisalign correction. The first assistant was kind and sweet, she has done mine before. When she asked for insight into whether or not the impression was good, another assistant told her it wasn't, which led to me having to get more 6 impressions done. Eventually the second assistant was so condescending to the first one and she took over. She ended up being extremely rude and passive aggressive to me with comments about making sure not to bite her -- which I didn't. Overall, I was there for more than an hour when before, I was in and out. The staff seems less enthused about working there since Dr. Barclay's departure. If I didn't spend $5000 on my Invisalign there would be no way I would go back.

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Great checkup!

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Horrible experience. The staff is friendly but I believe the business model behind hem is out for money and not the client's best interest.

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This office used to be awesome but ever since dr Barkley and dr Jacobsen left it seems to be a mess and I didn't recognize a single person in the office this last visit. I waited over 40 minutes for my appointment for a simple filling and somehow saw 3 different technicians during the span of one visit and they seemed distracted the entire time. I will not be coming back to floss.

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Ruiz Salon - Seaholm

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I love the outcome of my hair, but the experience was not as relaxing and careful as I am used to enjoying at Ruiz. I've spent at least an hour a month for the past 4 years enjoying the soothing care of Ruiz team members, and last night I received a rushed and sloppy treatment- water sprayed on my face, product and water in my ears- not the spa-like experience I've grown so accustomed to loving! I always have late night appointments, but last night was the first time it was clear that I was the last client and the salon was closing. It was my first experience at Seaholm.
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