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100.0% would refer friends and family to us

4 stars Customer since 2015

Excellent service!!

5 stars Customer since 1972

I've been going to Dr. Rumack's office for many, many years. His expertise, combined with his

thoughtful and sensitive approach to his patients' needs, make for an exceptionally high level of

care, and though I live in Manhattan, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

5 stars Customer since 1985

Can't say enough about Dr. Rumack & staff, b/c no one would believe how great they are. It would sound like an exaggeration, but it is not.

5 stars Customer since 2014

I loved getting treated by Dr.Rumack and staff , it is strange saying that you enjoyed going to a dentist office but in this case it is true, the dentist and staff make you feel like you are part of a family and of course Dr.Rumack is the best, Rachelle Greiz

5 stars Customer since 1996

Can't get a better dentist.

5 stars Customer since 1996

Can't get a better dentis.

5 stars Customer since 2014

A few days ago I went on a journey to find the perfect Dentist, as humans our natural desire is to seek perfection a statement I am sure you will all agree with me. So I did what was natural, that is a Google search of all the Dentists in the Queens area, which lead me to websites like Yelp , Zocdoc and a few others.

My primary concern was not only to find a Dentist that was qualified, but by qualified I was not just searching for someone who had only met the basic requirements of becoming a Dentist, that is a Dental degree from a University, I was seeking a Dentist with extensive experience in the field of dentistry and someone whose concerns were not just to collect your money but a person that truly cared about your health, that would exercise the necessary patience and procedures to accomplishing the best possible results that would make me a satisfied customer. The only way I was going to discover these qualities from someone I had never visit before was to do a due diligence research of the Dentist background along with the reviews of previous customers.

After a careful review of several dentist in the Queens area, I finally decided that Dr Peter M Rumack and his partner Dr Victor Terranova had fulfilled all the requirements I was seeking and therefore the right candidates whom I would give the privilege of trusting my teeth to. What I discovered about Dr Rumack, his partner and his staff was more than what I was looking for. The reviews from previous customers were absolutely outstanding, it was obvious that they went out of their way to satisfy their customers, they excelled in areas of customer support and personal care where most dentist do not even come close. When I delved further into his medical background, I discovered that his experience, knowledge and education were beyond what I ever imagined I would ever find in a dentist.

Not only did Dr. Peter Rumack graduated from the prestigious Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Medicine but he was also a clinical instructor in the department of Periodontology at Columbia Dental School. His expertise includes Prosthodontics and Endodontics and over 25 years of experience. Equally qualified is his partner Dr. Victor Terranova who is not only a DDS but he holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and professorships at several universities including Columbia University, his expertise includes Oral Surgery, Implantology and Periondotology and over 30 years of experience.

I was thrilled and quite excited to have found such a dentist in my local area, therefore I was even more excited as I look forward to my first visit, to verify for myself if all that I had read was in fact the real fact. After my arrival to the office, I was greeted by his very accommodative staff, Millie Gramsch, the very personable Office Manager and Diane Kaufhold, the very professional Dental Assistant and Dr Rumack himself went out of his way to greet me in the waiting area, with a handshake and a very courteous smile. The professionalism and ethics that I read about was quite obvious, it’s rare that a dentist will go out of his/her way to find time to personally greet his patients even before they are seated in his chair. It was only just a few minutes after my arrival that my examination began as there was no lengthy wait as you would normally experience upon your visit to the dentist. I was very impressed when I saw the state of the art medical equipment available in Dr. Rumack office, including a Panoramic Radiograph X-ray machine which gives him the ability to quickly and professionally diagnose and assess the medical condition of your teeth, gum and bone structure. The next procedure was a Periodontal probe to measure the pocket depths around the tooth of each and every tooth in your mouth, the measurements are entered directly into a software he uses and the results are displayed in front of you on a screen visible to you as you sit in the examination chair. Dr. Rumack then discusses with you, both his findings and his recommendations. He literally gives you a mini dental course 101 of your teeth, mouth and gums, including using the aid of a giant oversize color model of a tooth. You walk away with a feeling and a better understanding of your dental health condition, with the comfort that it was done by a professional and by a doctor who really honestly cares about doing the right thing to recapture and maintain the healthy teeth that you care so much about.

If you are still reading this review, then I commend you for taking the time because like me, you are obviously concerned about finding the right dentist as much as I was, so a visit to Dr. Rumack is not only the right decision but it’s also a wise decision because he not only fulfilled all my expectations but he went the extra mile to make sure that I was completely and unequivocally satisfied in my mind that I had made the correct decision to visit his office and for certain would return.

Steve Sparks

Patient 4/22/14

5 stars Customer since 2011

Excellent treatment and detailed evaluation.. The best!

5 stars Customer since 1992


Peter M. Rumack DDS replied:

Yes, we work hard so you can have a good experience and are happy with our work! Thanks, Dr. R

5 stars

Recently, broke an old cap on a front tooth. Dr Peter and Dr. Victor removed the old tooth root and placed an implant. On a Saturday no less!

The surgery was painless as was my recovery. Thanks for your timely, caring and wonderful treatment.When you leave the office you not only feel like a Star you look like a Star.