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Staff is great! They help make the most of your insurance.

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My appointment was quick and thorough. Dr. Carlson was great. The person that helped me with my selection of glasses was very helpful and got me on my way very quickly.

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The front desk and the doctor were nice. We didn't have to wait long really good service.

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Kind and knowledgeable!

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Easy to work with. He explains what he is doing and why, answers all your questions.

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The service was great and everyone was so nice. Dr. Carlson was very kind and professional. Would certainly recommend.

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Quick but thorough.

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The doctor was not either name above, but was pleasant, thorough and competent.

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A very good experience. Can't wait for my new glasses.

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I am new to the area, and this location was close to my house, so I wanted to try it out. For this year, I purchased additional vision insurance because I needed contacts and glasses, and I stopped in to verify both would be accepted before making an appointment. I was the first appointment of the day. I was very happy with my current contact lens (brand and prescription strength), so I was hoping they would have a comparable brand at a reasonable price. During the very rushed appointment, I felt the Doctor was annoyed with me because instead of asking which line of letters was clearer, he kept asking which was darker, or which was bigger, and because both lines were fuzzy, I had a hard time answering. I was not used to that way of measuring eye strength. After that was done, he confirmed that my prescription matched my current one. I said that I had asked my previous eye Doctor to bump the one eye stronger by .25 because sometimes I felt my eye was straining to focus with the other eye, and he thought that was unnecessary. He said it would stay the way it was. I asked about a comparable lens to my current one and he wanted me to try out the B+L Ultra lens (which I didn't know was pretty much their most expensive one). I washed my hands and put in the lenses. My big mistake here was not verifying what the strength of the trial lenses was. My immediate reaction was that the lenses were comfortable and I passed the vision test, so I didn't think too much about it. While I was looking at frames minutes later, the dryness of the lenses started to set in, and it felt my eyes were starting to strain. The frames selection was very limited, but I found a pair I liked. During the ordering session, I looked at my prescription paperwork and saw that while my eyeglasses numbers were the correct strength, the contact lens strength had been dropped by .25 for one eye, and .5 for the other eye. I was concerned about this, especially now that I felt a noticeable difference in the trial lenses, and my concerns were dismissed. I asked to verify with the doctor, or even to see what the strength on the trial lenses were, and was refused. They said that eyeglasses and contact prescriptions were always different, even though that was never the case in my personal experience. I am told my total after insurance for the 12 month supply for contacts. It is nearly $200. I asked how much each box was and she would not tell me. She said there was a $100 rebate so it was a great deal. There was no rebate for anything less than a year. I was able to see the rate after paying - $65/box. My old lenses were about $25/box, so I was furious when I said I wanted something comparable and these were so expensive. When I said that the trial lenses didn't quite feel right, she said, well as long as the boxes are unopened you can always return them later. I never did get to find out the strength of these trial lenses. For the glasses, the lens package is insanely expensive. I was pressured to get the most expensive package, which was only going to be covered 20% by my other insurance. I asked about the second most expensive package and she made it seem like I was making a poor choice. Ultimately, when the total after insurance was over $200, she bumped the package down to that second-level one, which was still over $200. So, after buying two separate vision plans this year, my glasses and a year of contacts were still $400. I was never able to verify anything with the doctor, and I hate these trial lenses, now after wearing them for 3 days. I am worried about going back and complaining because of the interaction I had on Friday. I honestly wish I had just found where the nearest America's Best was and gone there instead. After my appointment I read a bunch of negative reviews about this location, and had I done that prior to my appointment, I would have not gone here. Once my orders come in, I am sure I will have additional feedback.