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We waited an hour for the dentist to show up. He barely spoke to me, only mumbling incoherently. I had to ask the dental assistant what he was planning on doing. He said a total of 12 teeth needed to be pulled from my 3 kids' mouths, and after getting a second opinion I found out that NONE of the teeth needed to be pulled. After speaking with friends around town who had similar experiences, I think Dr. Harris does unnecessary procedures for money. His reception staff were making fun of patients who were calling in to make payment arrangements on their bills, well within earshot of everyone in the waiting area. Do not trust this guy!!!

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Dr. Harris wanted to pull a total of 12 teeth from my 3 kids for "spacing issues", and after getting a second opinion I found out that NONE of those teeth needed to be pulled. Dr. Harris shuffled in an hour late and barely spoke to me, mumbling so quiet I could barely hear him. The assistant had to explain everything he intended to do, since he didn't. A simple cleaning and xray appointment took 3 HOURS. And to top it off, his office staff were making fun of people who were calling in to make arrangements for their bills, and everyone in the reception area could hear. After my experience and after talking with others around Logan, I think Dr. Harris does unnecessary procedures for the money.

Frank O. Harris DMD replied:

We schedule each patient for an hour for his or her cleaning and checkup appointment, except in the case of very small children. This gives the hygienist enough time to clean the person's teeth and to instruct the person how to better take care of his or her mouth. She then tells me the patient is ready, and I can look at the x-rays and examine the person's mouth. If have been working on another patient I can't always stop what I'm doing, so the hygienist's patient may have to wait a few minutes. I try not to keep people waiting. Whatever I suggest as treatment is what I think is in the best interest of each individual patient. I don't make up things to make money. If another dentist disagrees with me that is simply a matter of opinion. If you ever hear a staff member say anything inappropriate, please let me know personally

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Dr. Harris is awful. He wanted to pull a total of 12 teeth from my 3 kids for "spacing issues" and after a second opinion I found out that NONE of them needed to be pulled. We waited an hour for him to show up, and our checkup and cleaning appointment lasted 3 HOURS. To top it off, his reception staff badmouthed clients who called in, making fun of their financial situations. Dr. Harris is a hack who does unnecessary work on people for the money. DO NOT TRUST HIM.

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After waiting an entire hour to be seen in a dirty office, a receptionist had to work on my daughter because all the assistants had gone home for the day.Dr. Harris seemed very unprofessional and unkempt and was yelling at his staff in front of us and after I explained that my 6 year old daughter was nervous to have her tooth pulled, he seemed very cold and didn't offer any comfort when she was crying. Then he got mad at me for not asking for laughing gas. They got all the billing messed up and it was a headache to sort out because they were a disorganized mess. I will NEVER go again or recommend them to anyone!

Frank O. Harris DMD replied:

During a business day, people track in leaves, paper,etc. from outside, and the carpet may not always look perfectly clean. We try to vacuum often, but when we're really busy it's difficult to do that. The children's play area can have toys and games scattered around, but that's what that area is for. We really try to have compassion for every patient, no matter what we are doing for him or her, especially the young ones who can become easily frightened. We appreciate the help from any parent who can help calm a child. We try to think of anything that will make a visit to our office more comfortable for each of our patients. Coming to the dentist is not easy, but we try to make each experience as good as possible. The only person I get upset with is myself if there's something I could have done to put the patient more at ease. My staff tries to make the billing as simple to understand as possible. Insurance companies often complicate matters when they deny a claim for a very frivolous reason, and we have to keep re-submitting to get them to pay their portion. This can confuse and delay resolving a bill. If you have a problem with the way that we do things in our office, please let me know personally, and my staff and I will do whatever it takes to correct the situation.

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I was told I had 14 cavities. I did not have dental insurance at the time so I did not have them filled. Upon seeing another dentist a year or so later he told me I had zero cavities.

I did not have this email until years after my one and only visit to frank, so how did he get this email address anyway?

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Dr. Harris is a great dentist and likes to get to know me on a personal level. He did a great job on my teeth!

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I am always treated with respect and cared for in a professional manner. The dental work is top notch.

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Everything was just fine...Thank You

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Dr. Harris handles young children in a very professional and kind manner.

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everyone at the office are great to work with. The are there to make sure you have a great expireince.