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Fuerte ops are top shelf. Staff is always friendly and helpful. Doc Davis is great with both pets as well as owners. Been going there for years.

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Friendly staff and good with my dog. If he's happy and healthy, I'm happy.

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The surgery completed on Smalls was excellent and her recovery has been complete with no complications. However the communication regarding when surgery would take place and the ultimate cost was of great concern. When we brought our dog in at 8 AM after visiting an emergency facility the prior evening, we were under the impression her condition required surgery ASAP. The surgery did not take place for about 12 hours and the communication during that period was sparse and vague. We were quoted a price of between $800 - $1500, bar no complications. When we were given our final bill, it was for over $2,100, including a $15.50 toe nail charge we did not request. There were no unusual things that occurred during the surgery that required additional procedures to my knowledge, so the additional $633 over the top end of the quote was quite a surprise.

I am thankful for the expertise on the Doctors behalf and the outcome of the surgery, but am disappointed with the rest of our experience.

Fuerte Animal Hospital replied:

We are responding publicly to your review since you have not responded to our calls.

We addressed these issues when you expressed concern to your satisfaction. You indicated you would not be posting a negative review after discussing the situation with you. We are going to respond in the same order that you have made your comments. We are happy Smalls is doing well after surgery.

Regarding the communication, you left your adult son to communicate with the doctor and staff regarding Smalls surgery. We told your son verbally and in writing that we did not know when surgery would take place and that it may not take place that day. Since Smalls had an open pyometra and was clinically doing well, it was not necessary to do surgery as an emergency. This was evidenced by the fact that you took Smalls out of the emergency clinic on Sunday declining to do surgery there in order to keep costs down. This was reasonable given Smalls condition. What is not reasonable, is you being upset that the surgery was not done sooner when we had informed your son verbally and in writing that we did not know when surgery would take place. Your son agreed with the timing indicating that he researched open pyometra on line and agreed surgery could wait.

Your concern that our communication was sparse and vague is unfounded as we communicated with your son verbally and in writing that he signed as to what was going to happen and how much it was going to cost.

Your out the door surgery cost was $1000-$2000 less than you said was quoted by the emergency clinic.

In essence, you got what you wanted.

Smalls was taken care of at a cost less than you were quoted at the emergency clinic.

Emergency clinics must charge more to cover the expense of operating a high quality practice 24/7.

Regarding the $15.50 charge for a toe nail trim, we did that as a no charge courtesy which was a minus $15.50 line item on your receipt.

We also showed line item courtesies of SQ fluids, B12 vitamin injection, iron injection, expression of anal glands totaling a courtesy of $208 for which no one ever even acknowledged or said thank you.

We are disappointed that you have chosen to take your unfounded concerns publicly after we have responded to you privately to your satisfaction. Should you wish to discuss further, please call at any time.

Dear Mr. Havird,

We failed to post what we had discussed regarding the cost of the procedure. Originally we had given you a cost estimate before examining Smalls. At the time of our exam, in addition to the surgery, we recommended pre surgery bloodwork, x-rays and a aspirate and cytology of a mass prior to surgery in writing that your son authorized.

This is the difference between your over the phone estimate before seeing the patient and your medical care plan after examining Smalls, that your son signed. We stayed with our surgery price.

Again, please call with any questions.

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Like always, our needs were met. They are friendly, informative, and gentle with our pets/babies. Thank you for your services.

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They always provide quality advice and do not try to pressure you.

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Always a pleasure and love catching up with everyone that works there. And they love their jobs!

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Fast and good service, they really care about my puppies. Brought both in for vaccinations and the Doctor wouldn't do our Chihuahua until the next week, as she got herself too excited and raised her temperature a couple of degrees. Very nice people to work with.

5 stars Customer since 2010

Max and Dr. Davis was great.

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gave me all the options for ridding young cat of tapeworm. i may have to go back and have them put the pill down its throat in 2 wks. that would probably elevate things to a 5-star rating.

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Great and conscientious care!