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96.4% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Verified customer

Great staff, good communication and organization.

5 stars Customer since 2021

Thank god for this place and people always helpful and friendly

5 stars Customer since 2013

Everyone there is so kind! Even though it’s a very busy place, and we don’t always see the same people they always remember my pup molly and it makes me so much more comfortable with getting her care there!

5 stars Verified customer

First time visitor to CAC, walk-in. The entire staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable.. Received great care for my pet, and the staff took time to answer any questions I had. The cost was not over-the-top.

5 stars Customer since 2021


Everyone from the lady who explained how it all worked when we were in the sign-in line, to the front desk, techs & especially Dr Ben & Bill who was helping Dr Ben yesterday were all A+!

Dr. Ben explained things clearly, gave pricing, and Bill was extra helpful and kind.

3 stars Verified customer

I had to bring my cat in at least 3 + times until she got the proper diagnosis. The first time was $199.She was seen by Dr Laura. My cat had ulcerations on her tongue.So the Dr thought maybe she bit into electrical wires but that was impossible. She also thought it could be a virus which was the case in the end.So she gave her an antibiotic shot and some medicine that coats ulcers.The coating meds did nothing.The Dr.also thought maybe some thing was wrong with her kidneys but needed full blood work up.So I decided that if the medicine didn't work I would bring her back in for blood work which I did but it came back negative for any diseases and cell count was great.So i was sent home this time with pain meds.My cat was also given some fluids at the office because she was dehydrated and not eating.The pain meds gave her some relief but she still was not eating or drinking This second visit was $197.Between the first and second visit my cat lost 1 pound and 6OZ.Which was not even a full week apart. Now my cat was getting worse.So I took her back a 3rd time and she was seen by Dr.Michele. Finally the guessing game was over and she was diagnosed with a non lethal virus that causes cats to get ulcerations in their mouths tongue and lips. She was still very dehydrated and not eating so the vet checked her over and gave me fluids to take home, more pain meds and anti viral meds and an appetite stimulating gel to get her to eat.Which did work This time the cost was $116.

That was on a Friday.Dr. Michele wanted to see her for a reexamination the following Monday.So on monday my cat didn't loose any more weight. she was eating and drinking, but Dr Michele gave her an intravenous anti viral shot to make sure to get all this healed up. I only had to pay for medicine this time.So it was only $36, no vet fee thankfully. My cat is doing very well now but was suffering for a month due to misdiagnosis.The reason I'm saying all this,is because if you don't have an experienced vet the guessing game will be played and it could cost your animals well being and even their lives if youre not careful. If I didn't have the cash to take her back and forth that many times,my cat may have fallen very ill and could of died because of dehydration,not eating or drinking and the pain she was enduring.

So use my example and try to not let the vets just guess about what your pet was going thru. The second time I took her back, right then and there they should of known it was a virus because her blood test came back negative for any type of disease, parasite or cell count issues. Don't just send someone home with same med thats not working. Anyway try to be as involved as you can by looking info up and taking initiative with the vet. Don't always assume what one vet says is true if what meds they are giving your animal is not working. If you can,try to request Dr.Michele if possible. if it wasn't for a family member letting me borrow their credit card my cat would not of received the right treatment the 3rd time back at the vet. I've been using gateway for years and I'm not saying they are a bad place,but they should take into account that people might not be able to afford taking their animal in multiple times like that.There should be some kind of discount if you have to take your animal in more than once for the same problem. I just recently took my other cat in for a skin problem and that seemed to turn out ok, but his little white bumps are coming back so he might have to return for another antibiotic shot if his skin infection returns. We shall see.I still would recommend gateway. its just that you have to get the more experienced doctor.Oh and by the way when I was sitting in the office at one of the visits waiting to be called.A couple came in with their cat.The couple told the receptionist that the young cat was not urinating or defecating for 3 days. The receptionist from across the room said the cat looks ok to me, wide eyed and conscious so I don't think we can see him today.Well the couple pushed the matter until the other receptionist went back to get a doctor to examine the cat. Well it was a big deal and the cat was seen.So I really believe the receptionist should really listen to what the person is saying and not just go on what that cat appears to be like without examination first.If they didn't push the matter to be seen that cat would have died.Ms receptionist you are not a vet, so u should not speak on matters that you know nothing about! So make sure to speak up like they did people, or you could loose your animal.Sorry such a long post,but I wanted to make people were aware of my animals experience and also what I saw happen while sitting on the side line.

Thank You.

5 stars Customer since 2006

I got there in the morning and signed in for my cat to be seen same day. They had so many patients already signed in when I got there that I really didn't expect to be called in. They called me around 6 PM and got me in. The lady at the front desk was so sweet. The Doctor and the Vet Tech were amazing. They spent alot of time with me showing me how to give at cat a pill ! And they seemed to love my cat as though it was their own. I take all my pets to Gateway!!! Love it!!

5 stars Customer since 2015

Been coming here for years always amazing, and my dog comes running in the door when we get out of the car. Best price in Cleveland, and worth the wait every time.

5 stars Customer since 2018

Staff were friendly and efficient. I was out the door in minutes with needed medications and information about the next visit.

5 stars Customer since 2022

The wait is long but once you are called in, the vets and aides all are caring and give you all their attention. They took good care of my dog and I will return in the future

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