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What others had to say

5 stars Verified customer

I had a great experience with my visit. All the staff did a great job of making my appointment outstanding.

4 stars Customer since 2013

The entire staff is very professional and friendly. I was quite nervous since I had not been to a dental office in some time. The receptionist was warmly welcoming, the x-ray tech was easy going and soothing, and the dentist was very nice and seemed concerned for my well being when she discovered I needed a root canal. I was then seen by the hygienist and he is very friendly and funny. I really appreciate the attention that was provided.

4 stars Customer since 2013

Even though the duration from initial cleaning to appointment setting call back was just a tad over a week, the staff was Terrific and efficient.

5 stars Verified customer

Very good office. Loc is great!!!!

5 stars Customer since 2013


To Dr. Nguyen and staff:

I have tried to send a review on my cell, but I don't believe it was delivered, so I am sending another review.

When making my appointment, I was very anxious and upset at the condition of my teeth. I have gone through a foreclosure and at the same time, my son lay dying in the hospital. It was a very devastating time period in my life and I neglected myself completely for so long now.

I just want to say I appreciate so much the kindness and understanding that "Gentle Dental" extended to me on my first visit. All were so considerate and "gentle" from the front office attendants to and especially "Muejyie,Dr. Nguyen's assistant and, of course, Dr. Nguyen himself. By the time I left, I felt so much relief to know I am in the hands of really heartfelt understanding people at "Gentle Dental."

I don't mean to be dramatic, but I thank you so much that my prayers were answered that brought me to your office.


Anita Martin

4 stars Customer since 2013

I was so anxious and upset with myself for neglecting my teethand was so embarrassed of the condition of my teeth but you all were so kind especially mojl ..sp...l am just happy that I followed the answer to my prayers. Anita Martin

5 stars Customer since 2012

n/answer- thank you! xxx xxx

3 stars Customer since 2010

I called a day before my appointment to provide my new insurance details so that your office could do all the necessary insurance checks. However, I was made to wait on the day of the appointment to perform all these insurance related activities.

I don't like to wait , time is as precious to me as it is to you.. I cam in at 4:34 pm and was seen only after 5:20 pm. That's a long wait. Please try to keep the wait time between 10 to 15 mins.

5 stars Customer since 2011

this was the 1st time i had met Dr.Z,Loc did my cleaning (as always great job) :)

i'll be back in a few months!


5 stars Customer since 2012

Thanks to Irvine staff and Dr. Johnson who

made my oral surgery experience easy!!!