100.0% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars

I bought my daughter a range Rover Freelander with 40K miles and it looked in great condition. It needed brakes and we took it in to James at Global. He noticed the mats were wet and smelled funny and called me. My daughter knew this but didn't tell me afraid of the cost. The radiator coil burned out and was leaking everywhere. James had to take the whole dash apart to fix it. He did an excellent job with brakes and radiator and the car runs like new. Very reasonable for all the hours spent taking it apart and putting back together. We use James exclusively now instead of the dealer.

5 stars

James has been servicing my cars since I first met him when he was working at Precision Autotune in Sunnyvale. I was immediately impressed by his attention to detail, his customer care and his knowledge and proficiency. When he left POT, I followed him through two locations to his current garage in Mountain View. A great mechanic is worth his weight in gold and James is one of the best!

5 stars

I took my Benz in for brakes as the dealer cost was high and Global did a great job. I then took my daughter's Freelander in for brakes and tires as well. They gave great quality parts and price for all. They discovered weird smell and leak and it was a burned out radiator coil. It was a major job to take apart the entire dash, get the part, repair and replace it. They did a great job and the car is like new now. I will go back again and again given the service, quality and cost.

5 stars Verified customer

My friend recommended me this shop to fix my newly bought old car, a 88 Benz 300SE. They checked it in details then explained and showed me all the problems needed to be fixed, and offered very good price. My car was all fixed in a short time and it runs really nicely now as promised. I'd like to recommended this shop to my friends for its personalized service, quality work, and fair price.

3 stars Verified customer

Took a little longer than expected but he took a good look at everything that needed to be done. Nice man. And he worked out a good deal for me which he didn't have to. Thanks!