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Atmosphere-wise, it looked really nice inside until you tried to do anything. I went to the soda machine and the soda spurted out suspiciously, I looked at the inch of soda in my cup and there was a flake of hardened syrup floating around in a clearish-brown drink. So I was a bit dubious of the soda machine maintenance and went to the Keurig where I assumed nothing could go wrong. Somehow the cup was scattered with grounds, I don't even know how that happened but it was a mess. I didn't try the popcorn. So it's really nice that all these amenities are available while you wait, but they're not always in great shape.

Service- The service was actually really good. I got two maintenance services for the same or cheaper than I would at Jiffy Lube, and they didn't break anything else on my car like Jiffy Lube always does (or puts in the wrong weight oil in a CIVIC, or very obviously wrongly installed wiper blades, etc) or try to upsell anything which is surprising, and sometimes doubly surprising if you're female. It didn't take too long for me, and I'm kind of an impatient multi-tasker type person. The other location gave free car wash slips with an oil change, this one doesn't seem to, but I mean... hard to whine about not getting something free that you had no actual reason to expect.

So the free drinks are gross, but the service is comparably-priced, efficient and done correctly, at least on the simple maintenance stuff that GreaseMonkey is really for.

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Last year I was there you had fellows working there they were very accomodating, in fact i have been there the last two years, this year the fellow in charge was rather rude, I was quite disappointed in the service..............

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Fast and competent.

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Grease Monkey has always treated me right.

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Easy to get oil change!

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They were quick and didn't push anything on me.

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Got me in and out fast!

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5 stars Verified customer

I am always impressed with my experience at grease monkey. They are fast, friendly, and honest. I will always trust my car with their service.

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They did an awesome job! I was in and out in no time.