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75.0% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2015

Outstanding service and people! !!!! Thank you !!!!!

I recommend every one use Green Apple Dental! !!

3 stars Verified customer

I like the office and people but I felt I had to wait a bit too long. I stood at the counter for about 10 minutes before I was acknowledged and was there 1.5 hours for a simple routine cleaning.

4 stars Verified customer

I have had the best experience so far. The office staff, the dental assistants and the doctors are all so knowledgable, kind and personable.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Extremely reasonable for full set x-rays. Friendly and accommodating.

5 stars Customer since 2014

From first impressions, place new and clean, nice calming music, to the greeting from someone at the front desk it was definitely a good start. The experience of the appointment was all new to us with the atmosphere and the techniques used. We were a little surprised that we were not getting cleanings on this appointment but all good. Followup appointments for cleaning and what is needed was scheduled with out much wait time. Thanks to Brooke and the doctor (George Kang, I could be mistaken on this, sorry!)

2 stars Verified customer

Very good experience on my first visit for a long over due full exam, X-rays, etc. including some follow up apps for some minor work. The dentist! A talented woman from Salem trained at NYU was excellent. The staff and interaction and professionalism was consistently excellent.

No so much on my 6 month cleaning appt...new dentist probably experienced but didn't use an assistant when using some equipment he apparently was not familiar with...for the tatar removal I had to hold and use the sucker as there was no assistant!? Water flow was excessive, filled my mouth ran down my face and ultimately down my back!? That was a first...He did offer a paper towel!? When the dental assistant did show up for final cleaning it was a completely mechanical performance...probably technically adequate it was delivered without any sense of job enjoyment, interest or passion

Not sure what changed in the last six months since my last visit, but I am not a fan and will seek future dental services else where....I know there must be offices and staff out there who really enjoy what they do and sincerely really care about their patients. hk.

Green Apple Dental replied:

We value you as our patient and are extremely sorry for any discomfort you may have experienced. We are working on a resolution to this issue to assure that it does not happen again. Thank you for your honest comment. We hope we get the opportunity to see you again.

5 stars

I came in from AK on the recommendation of a friend.

After some really poor service and a botched filling in AK I was one of the more reluctant patients I imagine they've come across.

I can't speak for all of Green Apple and their workers, but Dr. Bhavan was incredible.

The two dental assistants I saw were also highly skilled, and not afraid to ask for a consult if they saw something they weren't sure about.

A few quick reasons I'd recommend Dr. Bhavan and Green Apple Dentistry.

-At no point during a procedure was I kept in the dark, everything was explained before they began

-When identifying problem areas there was no poking with instruments. I was given bite sticks to test the different pressures on each tooth. As someone already nervous about going to the dentist this gave me a lot of control and comfort over the process

-The whole atmosphere was relaxing. From the waiting room, to the dental chair my comfort was a priority with Dr. Bhavan and her staff.

-The option to listen to music during the dental work is genius. The ability to drown out those damn drills vastly improved my visit.

-I was in town for two weeks, they bent over backwards to work me into their schedule so I could have all the work done during my visit

A completely different and much better experience than anything I've had done in the past. Worth flying 2000 miles for!

5 stars Verified customer

Great experience...more like a dental spa!?

Green Apple Dental replied:


Thank you for the wonderful comment. We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

3 stars Customer since 2013

I went in for a check-up and then later scheduled an appointment to have two fillings. I was taken back by the assistant and was given the numbing agent. At that point, the dentist (different from the one I had first seen) came in to perform the fillings. I found it odd that I was not notified in advance that I wouldn't be seeing the same dentist. Also, I specifically mentioned that on of the fillings was a where a food trap is between my teeth and asked her if that was taken care of and she replied that it was. Unfortunately, the food trap remains.

The cleanliness is excellent at Green Apple. They were also very friendly. I just was not overly satisfied with my experience.

Green Apple Dental replied:


We apologize for any confusion in which doctor was performing your treatment. This will be discussed in our next meeting. The doctor would be happy to give you a call or schedule a post op appointment to take a look at the remaining ?food trap?. We thrive on our patients happiness and would welcome the opportunity to make this a satisfying experience.

1 stars

Purchased the membership for $99.00, the fee schedule says $42.00 for cleaning. I went for 6 mos cleaning and was told it would be much more. I was not imformed about this with the last cleaning. I was told I needed a deep cleaning the first time, was not shown the xrays to confirm this, or much of explaination. My mistake to not ask more questions or to look at xrays, I was a dental assistant for many years.. Cost me over $500.00 for cleaning and membership (waste of money). I would not recommend them and will not be going back..did not get my teeth cleaned and wasted $99.00 for the stupid membership..Just be careful and make sure and question fees etc. Sound to good to be true..

Green Apple Dental replied:

Hello Vickie. We are sorry to hear that your experience was not a pleasurable one. We care about all our patients well being and tailor each treatment to the individual. In addition, Green Apple Dental is a group practice which means that our doctors will always be there to serve you and review your treatment as a team so you can receive the most appropriate and best care possible. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance and thank you for taking the time for sending us a review.