100.0% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Verified customer

I always received an explanation as to what exactly is wrong with my car and how things look as far as potential problems. Everyone is so respectful and nice. Thanks!

1 stars Verified customer

Expensive and unprofessional. I went in for a simple oil change. I have aftermarket skid plates on my truck with small plate covering the oil filter. It goes on one way. Being un mechanically inclined as they are decided to force it on the wrong way which stripped the bolts and mounting holes. Creating much more work for me. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t tighten the oil plug or filter every so often.

I don’t recommend it and will never go back.

1 stars Verified customer

I don’t want to be a jerk, but I think Greulich’s tried to take advantage of me by recommending semi-urgent repairs that weren’t necessary. When my truck was on the lift I didn’t agree with their assessment and it’s one year later and my rig is doing great.

Also, i’m posting this anonymously because after my last review they called me multiple times, trying to bribe me to change my review. Think about that for a minute.

5 stars Verified customer

Service was great. No pressure to have extra work done.

1 stars Verified customer

Will lose your wheel lock and blame it on you unprofessional!!!

1 stars Verified customer

I brought my vehicle in to have the engine oil coolant lines replaced these are two heavy duty lines that take engine oil up to the radiator to cool it off and send it back to the engine. Practically any toothless hillbilly who made it through the 3rd grade could replace these lines in about an hour. On the radiator side the lines have threaded flare fittings that positively thread into metal fittings on the radiator, On the engine side they simply have a quick snap press in fitting with an O ring, Additionally to further secure the lines into the quick snap fittings There is an oil line hold down bracket to secure them tightly so that they can not slide out its redundancy to prevent the oil lines from moving or coming out... It's actually an excellent design and very well engineered however it cannot work properly if

A) the oil lines are not pressed in properly to the quick snap fittings, and B) if the oil line hold down bracket is not secured properly. Greulichs failed at both critical points of the operation.. additionally, they removed a bolt on a transmission support bracket and never put it back.

So the entire operation to replace the oil lions had 4 simple steps, Greulichs failed at 3 of the four steps.


1 stars Verified customer

I did use this place what a mistake! Not only will I not use them again I will never recommend them to anyone else.

4 stars Verified customer

Perhaps a high,larger, illuminated sign that can be seen from all angles of the intersection would increase and expedite business.

5 stars Verified customer

quick, friendly, and very service oriented. they completed an oil change on my 2006 Ford F250, diesel. fair pricing. staff were attentive to my requests. thanks for your hard work and customer service.

5 stars Verified customer

They are very friendly! the actual bill was what they quoted and the service was fast!!

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