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Love GV's. They are always there for me. Even in the middle of the night. They are the best!

5 stars Customer since 2015

My journey began after my air conditioner that was new as of 1979 finally gave up all hope. In the passed I had GVS come in and clean the our AC, Air Ducts, and the Furnace. Both Scott and John always did an excellent job when they came to the house. We are very particular about the contractors we use in our home. When it came time to look for bids we spoke with Dawn over the phone and invited her to come out and hear some of our questions and let her know what we are hoping for with a new air conditioner. Dawn listened well and then took the needed time to measure our houses needs while looking through all the air ducts and elements that were contributing to our home HVAC. She went back to her office and in the following days offered us three viable options for our home. She talked to us about the benefits to all three options that were in play and left it for us to consider.

Following my time with GVS we called a few other contractors to come out and offer some quotes for us. While meeting with other contractors we learned the real reason why we chose to go with GVS Heating and Cooling. When we called GVS they called back the next day. When we asked them to come out and take a look at our home they were prompt in coming out. When they arrived they were kind and knowledgable. Upon starting their work their work day they came promptly when they said they would arrive. When entering the home they laid out drop cloths so as to not dirty the floors of our home. They made custom fabricated duct work for our home and made sure all of the duct work was constructed as best as possible. Following the completion of their work they pointed out to me how they improved the HVAC system and what I results may be experienced in our home. They showed my wife and I how where the new filters were located and how to replace them in the time of need. Scott and John went above and beyond what I had asked of them and I am very pleased with their work.

I would recommend them to anyone looking for a very solid company that is straight forward, prompt, clean, and easy to work with. In this case you get what you pay for. They do excellent work and its a result of having been in the industry for years . If you looking for folks that really know what their doing and stand by their work, be sure to give them a call. Thank you for the new HVAC system GVS Heating & Cooling.

2 stars Verified customer

There appears to be a disconnect between the service technicians and the office staff in this family run business. Little information regarding a breakdown of fees for repair work is given - often the invoice follows as a lump sum. There seems to be no proactivity from the office in outlining fees, guarantees, etc., at least when there is no bulk service contract involved.

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Good, professional work for the inside portion of the new central A/C.

5 stars Customer since 1997

Excellent service and totally reliable.

keep up the good work

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The install went fine. However, I specifically asked the gentlemen to make sure the back door was completely closed each time they used the door. The door does not automatically close, it has to be closed. I explained that if the door is ajar, then the mice from the back yard, will enter the house. In checking the back door, I had to close it 5 times myself. Each time, I reminded them to please make sure the back door is closed. I know this sounds nit picky, but if a customer makes a realistic request, then it should be important enough to be remembered.

5 stars Customer since 2011

I called before anyone was in the office and left a message with your very efficient answering service. Caitlin called me immediately and assured me that James, serviceman, would be arriving shorty. Always prompt, James, met me a the Condo. He was very efficient in checking air quality for carbon monoxide gas. He then installed a new detector and are very relieved that NO Danger exists. Excellent service as always from GVS HVAC. I recommend you to everyone.

5 stars Customer since 2012

Ever since the first quotes (6 different Contractors, from basic to high tech systems) came in 4 years ago, we decided to go with a name we never heard of GVS. Since the day of selection with GVS was made they have been there every step of the way to keep us warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and the air quality better than it had been in the 17 years from the time we moved in our first new home. The temperatures have never been so consistent and easy to control. if you want that kind of service 24/7, 365, days a year then you need to give them a call and a chance to work for your home. Can't imagine anyone better than GVS !

5 stars Customer since 1997

Have been with GV's since 1989. Superb service

Thanks to ALL personel.

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great service!