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Love It!

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I went in for a massage and got a really great rub. I did tell the therapist to press more firmly but she just didn't get it. I did tell the receptionist when I checked out.

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Great experience. Love working with Josh. Very nice staff.

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The massage and my masseuse are wonderful. Transitioning from my previous location to this new location seems to be harder than necessary.

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Super friendly and great service!

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Great experience

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5 stars Customer since 2017

I always ask for a deep tissue massage and while the massage is enjoyable I never leave feeling fully relaxed. I always leave feeling tense in my neck and shoulder area. A lot of the massage therapists appear to be young or possibly new to the industry. I am not sure they have enough experience. Overall good experience I just want a masseuse that knows what a deep tissue massage is.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Needed focus on knots in hamstrings and quads and they were taken care of! Thank you Bethanie for a great Deep Tissue

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I came as a walk in with needed attention to my hamstrings, the back of my thighs due to knots from running more during my exercise routines for a 50 minute massage. I was specific on the paperwork that I only wanted this area focused on and I came here at the recommendation of a friend who said they take walk ins. I've had poor experiences with massage envy so I did not come with high expectations as I've begun to feel that I simply need to see a dedicated sports therapist or chiropractor. The lady who did my massage seemed ready to do the basic massage they would offer. I told her I wanted my hamstrings focused on, maybe a little on my calves, but not anywhere else. I told her I wanted the knots focused on the whole time and nothing else. She acknowledged that yes she read the form I filled out where I specified this, yet if I had not been specific about voicing my expectations of where to massage, she would have likely just done their basic routine massage. I expressed thinking I would need deep tissue but also that I was not sure what the different types of massage were and which would be best but I was adamant and clear about where my pain was and what I wanted to have accomplished while on the table.

She ended up doing a ....I think they called it a neuro vascular massage. She mostly worked on my calves. The massage lasted 43 minutes (I started my wrist watch the moment she began and stopped it the moment she ended). I told her half way through that I was concerned that the area I wanted focused on was not getting the attention I wanted. The quality of the massage was good, the pressure was good, it was actually quite intense, she hit a lot of knots in my calves but they were not the area of issue that I came to have addressed and I left with my hamstrings in just as bad shape as what I came in for. I told her after dressing and being escorted back to the front desk that I was very disappointed because I did not feel my request and preferences were fully met. The way she responded was defensive as though she on trial or something. She said she worked on the area that was in the most need, that my calves and ankles were the most impacted due to the angle of my stride and how my feet hit the ground when running. It was as though she felt that I was questioning her wisdom and knowledge of anatomy and the human body and massage technique/knowledge. So on top of all my disappointment I was left feeling deflected when giving feedback about my experience. I don't plan on going back. Why is it so hard to just listen to your patrons and give them what they are asking for? If I'm paying you to work out knots in my hamstrings then you either work on what I am paying you for or you tell me that you can't do it and I'll go somewhere else.