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4 stars Verified customer

Nice interaction with the staff at the spa. My massage therapist was very attentive to my needs and was able to identify issues about my body - muscle tension, tightness, and misalignments, for example - that needed attention. I appreciated how thorough the session was, which was followed my additional instructions on how I can continue providing self-care until the next session.

Caveat: This was my first session and I hope that the care, thoughtfulness, and professionalism received continue.

1 stars Verified customer

I was very disappointed with a recent massage I received.

1. The massage started with dry, hard pressure - so much that it was moving me up the table! It was at least 5 painful minutes before he started using oil.

2. The masseuse did not use proper draping techniques - especially when stretching my legs towards my head! I had to reach down and tuck the sheet in between my legs myself!

3. When massaging one of my legs, I asked the masseuse to be careful of his nails, as it felt like he was scratching me. (this was also felt up near my neck as well, but I had not mentioned it.) He went on about how he always keeps his nails short, down to the fingertip, and how he always makes sure everyone keeps short nails and that I must have been feeling something else. Following the massage, when I was leaving, I found not only were his nails longer than mine, there was dirt under his nails!

4. The "bolster" he put under my legs offered absolutely no support. It also should have been placed under the sheet both for hygienic and comfort reasons. My oiled legs stuck to it and was irritating.

5. During the massage he kept chatting about random things and talking to himself.

6. The massage started at ten minutes after the scheduled time, but did not end 10 minutes after. This is not a 60 minute massage.

7. At the end, he told me to continue lying down to rest while he went to get me water. I waited nearly five minutes for a dixie cup with 2 sips of water in it.

8. When I stood up, I felt more back pain that I have felt in a very long time and could hardly get dressed without wincing.

I have been to this facility before and had a much nicer visit than this one. I used a lifebooker deal, but to me, it was no deal. I left a tip, which was generous, considering my experience, but I really didn't want to leave one at all.

I would like my money back on this visit to use on another masseuse.

1 stars Verified customer

Very poor experience- have had many years of massages & reflexology but this was possibly the worst. Additionally, they continuously bombard you with emails. It doesn't take 6 emails for 1 appointment. There are many better choices in Chicago.

1 stars Verified customer

Horrible experience. Violative, uneducated, ill-prepared, and negligent.

Service did not match service description ("light pressure on feet" vs very hard pressure on legs, arms, and feet)

Asked for paper bikini and was told with a laughing explanation, "we've found that doesn't work." Stated I was uncomfortable and was told, "it's fine. It's fine."

Foot reflexology, according to the research I've done in hindsight, does not require exposure of the vaginal area. Yet, this "reflexologist" not only disrespected me in that way but sat on the massage table with my foot in his lap.

"Treatment" from leg to leg, etc was not the same.

My foot was also painfully jammed between some kind of a belt clasp and attached bottle of massage oil before "reflexologist" bothered to notice.

Combined with a painful fingernail scratching of my toes and inconsistencies ("we have no charts available to explain the foot" to "I'll bring a chart of the foot right in" to "oh the printer is not working", etc, etc.)

The massage table was dust covered. Face down into dust. The hospital gown I was told to leave open had stains on it.

Do not subject yourself to this unprofessional, unqualified, violative experience.

2 stars Customer since 2013

No complaints about the massage technique, but the room was really cold. My hands and feet were freezing at the end so was pleased to put my clothes back on to warm up. Shame as otherwise it would have been lovely.

2 stars Customer since 2013

I had a bad experience. I had a groupon for 60 mins massage and I was 20 mins early before the appt. time. Filled up the paper work and they told me be with me soon. I got inside the room at 3.15 and the therapist finished the session at 3.55pm. How is this 1 hour massage? And they changed my therapist, they were busy but it's not fair to get a 40min massage when I paid for 60mins!

5 stars Customer since 2012

We really have the great experience with Dr Melvin and Laura and the staff the accupuncture and masage was the best. We finally found our masage place !!!

5 stars Customer since 2012

The best massage we ever had and Dr Melvin and Laura and staff were so great my back is back!!! We finally find our massage place were gonna do it frequently stress free acupuncture were so helpful for us too

3 stars Verified customer

I had a reflexology massage here last week. The massage was good and the therapist was very knowledgeable and shared some stretches with me to prevent injury. Office staff was very nice and everything ran on time. Couple things I didn't like - the walls were thin so it was very loud. You could hear all of the conversations in the lobby and other rooms the entire time. My room was right next to the reception desk and my therapist opened the door while I was standing there in the paper robe they give you and again before I was done changing back into my clothes even though I asked him to wait a moment. It wasn't a huge deal but all of the people waiting for appointments could see me standing there half dressed. It was a bit uncomfort able. Overall it was a good massage but I won't be going back.

5 stars Verified customer

great massage