Heringer Dentistry LLC

5 stars Customer since 2016

I will preface my review by saying that I was aware I had major dental problems when I first walked into the reception area. I expected to be lectured for allowing this to go so far. However, I was greeted with respect by the staff and doctors and every visit since has been a pleasant experience.

Starting with the admin team, Ashley, Teresa and Casey being the first to greet a patient, Awesome!!! Moving on to the specialists, Dr. Heringer, Dr. Renz, Chantal, Shelby, Lori and last but certainly not least, Kimmy, Awesome!!! If you have questions or concerns you will also be extremely well served by Lois, Awesome person as well. I have had interaction with all of them and must say that having dealt with many people in various professions through my life, none have ever impressed me as these people have. Every one of them has treated me with respect and performed their respective tasks with professionalism unmatched in any environment.

Dr. Renz and Kimmy embarked on the journey with me and I am blessed to have had them. I have never had an appointment when the Doctor sang while they worked until now. How can one not feel comfortable when singing and conversation occur during treatment. I joke with them about the torture room but in reality it is the exact opposite. Shelby and Lori assisted a couple times when Kimmy needed a break and the atmosphere in the room did not change. They fit right in with Dr. Renz and treated me as if they had been there from the beginning.

If I could offer insight to prospective patients it would be this: Anticipation that some of the procedures may be uncomfortable physically the staff and doctors will make every effort to ensure that you are comfortable. But look beyond that and get to know each of the people that you come in contact with. I promise you will not be disappointed. Each of them will listen and interact with you on a professional and personal level. From the minute you first approach the reception desk to your final visit you will be well served to have some fun with them. Humor abounds in that place. But, don’t let that mislead you. It serves to enhance the environment to a place which I personally look forward to my next visit with the knowledge that one or more of them will make my day but I will also be treated with the highest form of professionalism. As professionals they will not only give you a smile to be proud of but will give you cause to show it each time you visit their facility.

Bottom line; these are highly trained professionals that haven’t lost sight of the fact that the people they provide a service to are sensitive to their conditions and treat each patient with respect and provide the best solution for each. Ten stars across the board!

5 stars Customer since 2007

The team at Heringer Dentistry is second to nine. I have a blast when I visit them. They are one big family. I would recommend them to anyone.

5 stars Customer since 2014

I honestly enjoy my time at the clinic. Everyone is very professional and easy to like. Thanks for all that you do!



5 stars Customer since 2005

As always I was treated with courtesy, professionalism, and friendly people who really care. Thanks!

5 stars Customer since 2014

they were very nice, when they came out to get me. they didn't wait at the enterance, they came up to me and walked with me not in front of me beside me. I was talked with, not at. it was a treated like a person with feelings, instead of just someone who pays the bills. my experience was so good it made me forget I hate dentists. thank you.

5 stars Verified customer

Always super friendly, helpful and attentive to the patient's needs and situation. Go out of their way to accommodate special needs. We have been going to Heringer Dentistry for many years. Truly exceptional in customer service!

5 stars Verified customer

professional and clean environment, staff was very nice

5 stars Customer since 1994

I always feel very comfortable with my visits.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Staff was excellent really helpful and made me feel informed

5 stars Verified customer

I highly recommend this dentist and his staff. Needed a crown replaced this week and am totally pleased with the treatment,results, and the professional staff.