100.0% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Verified customer

Great dental office. The dentist and staff are wonderful. All work being performed is explained. They are great with kids.

5 stars Customer since 2014

The services provided to me are very satisfactory. The employees and the doctor

are very nice.

5 stars Customer since 2006

The service here is as top notch as in the past. I like that no one is in a hurry, and plenty of time is focused on quality work, and communication of what future service they can provide you.

This office is my choice for future dental service.

5 stars Customer since 2005

It was great.

4 stars Verified customer

The doctor is young but very good. They did a great job cleaning and everyone was very nice.

2 stars Customer since 2013

When I came to your office I was very pleased with the dentist. I was not so pleased with his prices though and my insurance co. has suggested that I look for another dentist.

When I came in to have my teeth cleaned I was very displeased. The gentleman (Steven) was not very good at his job. He has hands of an ape and he is not very gentle. With his drill he loosened a bonding that I had on a tooth and now it has fallen off and I have a gaping whole in my tooth. When he was finish he really did not polish my teeth. This was the first time that my teeth were cleaned in less than 15 minutes.

Hillside Family Dental replied:

We appreciate your feedback and are sorry you feel that way. Your comments help us to see areas where we may need improvement. Unfotunately, there are certain issues where we do not have control, such as your insurance benefits. The out of pocket cost "copays" are actually dictated by your insurance company in which we honor.

5 stars Customer since 2006

This office is functioning with the quality of care that this location has had for many years, and doing it with personnel that display a drive to provide even higher standards of personal dental care.

I was very pleased with the attention and service I received at my latest visit. Everyone showed interest in providing me with guidance in answering my dental questions. This puts me at ease when I receive a clear description of what procedures I can benefit from going forward. This is what builds my trust in their services.

I look forward to receive even more care and service from this office in the future.

Hillside Family Dental replied:

Thank you for trusting in us Brian! It's comments like this and having patients such as yourself that make our jobs worth while!

5 stars Verified customer

I can't believe I am saying that having four teeth extracted was a very nice experience! But it was!

I was in pain from infections in broken teeth, caps and bridges which happened over a short period of time. They took me in right away. The entire staff was so nice. Gentle, funny, cordial, and efficient!

I was apprehensive about having the broken teeth extracted, the procedure, the after effects, possible pain, downtime in my schedule, finances, etc. They addressed each of my concerns with compassion and efficiency.

I had the extractions, and literally, NO AFTER EFFECTS! A little tenderness where the holes are and getting used to the holes, yes, but other than that, everything okay. No pain, just some holes which have healed quickly.

Also easier on the pocketbook/finances than others which I knew the prices of.


5 stars Customer since 2013

Went in for a deep cleaning. I showed up nearly 45 minutes early. They happened to take me almost immediately, a d I was done before my appointment time. The also were so skilled that I didn't even need any numbing. I was able to go right back to work no problems. Extremely impressed.

5 stars Verified customer

My experience was great and very through. The staff explained every step of my visit.

Hillside Family Dental replied:

We are pleased to know you had a good experience with us!! See you back soon.